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95-year-old Celemtene Bates shares the importance of love as a foster grandparent Video

Transcript for 95-year-old Celemtene Bates shares the importance of love as a foster grandparent

Finally tonight, “America strong.” We don’t have to tell you about the importance of grandparents. But now, something new. Schools making sure the young meet the wise. Here’s ABC’s Karen Travers. Reporter: At ludlow-taylor elementary school in Washington, D.C., clementene bates is called grandma. You how how much 8 and 5 is — Reporter: Warm, funny, and incredibly energetic, bates is beloved by her 4-year-old friends. Sometimes I come in in the morning and say, “I haven’t had a hug all day,” and they come running to me. Reporter: The foster grandparent program is nationwide, using people like clementene who is 95. 59 going on 95. Reporter: They bring a little something extra to the classroom, something special. A lot of kids think they need love. That’s the most important thing is love. Think she spoils them more than I do. I’m the tough one in the bunch. But she gives that nurturing touch. Take your time. Reporter: Foster grandparents are placed in schools in their own neighborhood. Do you often see students in the neighborhood? Oh, yes. They say, “There’s grandma, there’s grandma.” Reporter: The seniors get a small stipend. But the connection they say they make with the students, the energy they get, that’s priceless. If I wasn’t doing this, I would be lost. Reporter: Lost, and she says, lonely without her presc friends. Karen Travers, ABC news, Washington. So tonight we salute those foster grandparents and all the grandparents out there. We thank you for watch I’m Tom llamas in New York. “Good morning America” and “This week” tomorrow morning. ??? There’s no better two ??? ??? than the two of us. ???

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