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Possible motive in missing Colorado mom case revealed Video

  • Now Playing: Search intensifies for missing Colorado mom

  • Now Playing: New twist in case of missing Colorado mom

  • Now Playing: Possible motive in missing Colorado mom case revealed

  • Now Playing: Church saves up to pay off college students’ debts

  • Now Playing: Snowstorm causes chain reaction crash

  • Now Playing: 2 men released after detainment in Jussie Smollett case

  • Now Playing: The special counsel’s office is supporting a hefty prison sentence for Paul Manafort

  • Now Playing: 5 killed, several injured in shooting at Illinois company

  • Now Playing: Notorious serial killer Ted Bundy is executed at Florida State Prison: Part 11

  • Now Playing: Days before his execution, Ted Bundy begins confessing to murders: Part 10

  • Now Playing: Ted Bundy is convicted and sentenced to death in Florida Chi Omega murders: Part 9

  • Now Playing: Florida police arrest Ted Bundy, who initially refuses to reveal his identity: Part 8

  • Now Playing: Ted Bundy kills two women at Florida sorority, severely injures others: Part 7

  • Now Playing: Convicted kidnapper Ted Bundy escapes not just once, but twice from custody: Part 6

  • Now Playing: Ted Bundy is arrested and found guilty of kidnapping in Utah: Part 5

  • Now Playing: Ted Bundy moves to Utah where one woman is able to escape from his grasp: Part 4

  • Now Playing: Witnesses recall a man named ‘Ted’ at lake where women were abducted by Bundy: Part 3

  • Now Playing: Ted Bundy murders women, whose disappearances cause fear around Washington: Part 2

  • Now Playing: Who was Ted Bundy, the notorious serial killer who murdered dozens of women: Part 1

  • Now Playing: Fatal shooting in Illinois, active shooter ‘neutralized’

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