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We are turning to the scary moment for “Friends” actress Jennifer aniston. Her co-star, courteney cox, and others aboard a private plane. It was forced to make an emergency landing. ABC’s Marci Gonzalez joins us from our L.A. Bureau with more. Marci, good morning. Reporter: Hi, guys. Good morning. There are reports this was a surprise trip. The star’s friends whisking her off for a girls weekend in Mexico that didn’t quite go as planned. A scary start to Jennifer aniston’s birthday vacation. Multiple outlets reporting that her private plane seen here was forced to make an emergency landing. The gulf stream g-4 taking off around 11:00 Friday morning when you hear a pilot radio in about debris on the runway. Did you see what it was? It looked like it was part of a wheel. Reporter: It’s unclear how that wheel detached, but the aircraft continues on to Cabo San Lucas making it all the way into Mexican airspace before turning around going back to California. The private jet circling repeatedly above Ontario airport burning off fuel then doing a flyby. It appears on your right side the left wheel is missing. You only have one wheel left. Reporter: That plane finally landing safely three hours after takeoff. There was probably a loud bang or perhaps there was a clunking as they ran down the runway. It was disconcerting no doubt to have to fly around and think, is this going to be a safe landing? Aniston and the 11 other people on board reportedly including former “Friends” co-star courteney cox hidden by umbrellas seen boarding another plane picking up the celebration of aniston’s 50th birthday that started with a star-studded bash last weekend. Actress Kate Hudson posting these photo booth pictures with Jen and Gwyneth paltrow on Instagram. Other guests at that party including Barbra streisand and former husband Brad Pitt. If that wasn’t enough to talk about on this vacation, now they have this. Guys. Indeed, Marci, thank you so very much. That’s everybody. That is everybody. If you have Barbra streisand at your hangout, just call it a win. Hope the plane functions better on the way home.

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