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We turn nt to the hazing scandal at Louisiana state university. Nine young men have been arrested as new details emerge. What they’re accused of doing. The nine fraternity members are current and former students. Here’s ABC’s Marcus Moore on the scene on what authorities say they did. Reporter: This Louisiana frat house boarded up and vacant tonight as two more fraternity brothers face criminal charges, bringing the total to nine in a brutal hazing case against pledges. The alleged incidents date back to August of last year at delta kappa epsilon at Louisiana state university. Arrest warrants detailing a litany of cruel hazing rituals, pledges claiming they were made to lie on broken glass, then “Urinated on.” Others, “Punched in the face,” beaten on their “Back and face with a silver pipe.” Or “Kicked in the chest and stomach” by a brother “Wearing steel toe boots.” You would think that people would have heeded that warning that bad things can happen when folks are hazed, but apparently, at least by the allegations, they’re still ongoing and quite dangerous. Reporter: The national fraternity saying it supports all efforts to hold individuals accountable and eradicate hazing. The brothers now facing charges including criminal hazing, battery, and false imprisonment. David, another student’s death on this campus in 2017 prompted new laws in Louisiana against hazing. If they are con victimed, David, they could face stiffer penalties.

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