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Fatal shooting in Illinois, active shooter ‘neutralized’ Video

Transcript for Fatal shooting in Illinois, active shooter ‘neutralized’

It’s great to have you with us on a Friday night. A gunman opening fire. The shooting inside the factory warehouse turning deadly. One witness describing the man holding a gun with a laser on it. People inside running for their lives. Some making it to nearby homes looking for shelter. Alex Perez tonight at the scene. Reporter: Tonight, panic and chaos at this warehouse when a gunman opens fire in the suburbs of Chicago. At least one dead and four police officers wounded. Aurora has an active shooter situation. One officer is reported down at this time, active shots being fired. Reporter: Act about 2:00 this afternoon, frantic reports of an active shooter inside the Henry Pratt building in Aurora, Illinois. Dozens of employees trapped inside. The scene is not secure. Reporter: Law enforcement racing to the scene. S.W.A.T., armed with long guns and shields, storming a door on the side of the building. The officers using armored vehicles for C. First responders on alert, waiting nearby to transfer the wounded to area hospitals. Schools in the area put on lockdown. The ATF and FBI assisting local police. Witnesses say the suspected shooter was a colleague. John Probst describing the chaos inside. One of the guys was up at the office, and he said that a person was shooting. And he came running down, and he was bleeding pretty bad. Reporter: Then he says he saw the gunman before running out into the cold. What I saw was the guy running down the aisle with a pistol with a laser on it. Reporter: At 3:00 P.M., police announcing that they apprehended the suspect. APD confirmed that the suspect is down. Reporter: Bringing an end to this terrifying and deadly day at work. Let’s get to Alex Perez. He’s live outside that factory. It’s still an unfolding scene. Authorities are gathering to talk to reporter. Alex, no word on a motive? That’s right, David. Still a very active crime scene. A massive police presence response to this shooting. Investigators now inside collecting and preserving evidence as they work to piece together how all this unfolded. Alex. Thank you. We’re following fast moving information in the case of

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