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Church saves up to pay off college students’ debts Video

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Good morning, guys. Some college students were ecstatic, surprised with having their tuition debt paid off thanks to a church. They’re shocked when they found out all caught on camera. Thank you so much. Reporter: These college seniors just found out they’ll graduate without a cent of debt. You could say they received pennies from heaven, thousands of dollars worth. Your account has been paid in full, man. You’re cleared to graduate. On behalf of Alfred street Baptist church know we took care of your account. Reporter: The pastor and congregation of Alfred street Baptist church in dnd dry Ya, Virginia, paid off $150,000 in debt to students they’d never met. The church called for a 21-day fast in January from food, social media and shopping using their cash instead as an offering. Those 34 students ranged anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 and we paid their debt off in full. I couldn’t believe it. I’m the first kid in the family to go through the American public school system and the university system so I’ll be the first to graduate with a college degree. Reporter: Reverend Wesley says it’s one of his greatest joys to help these students. My mom died my freshman year so I’ve been doing it by myself for awhile, so I’m just really grateful. Thanks. Oh, my goodness. What’s also amazing is the impact this made on the congregation. None of them knew where that money that they gave was going but when they watched the video like we just did they were overwhelmed. Many of them were in tears. So 21 days no food? Well, no, some people decided not to have food. Some people fasted social media. I think they gave people the option as to what they wanted to fast, but the goal was to set themselves aside and to pray and to give that money to a great cause. Whatever they fasted on, it’s a beautiful thing they did. What a story, yeah. Appreciate it. Adrienne, thanks for bringing that to us, as well.

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