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Survivor of mountain lion attack describes his experience for the first time Video

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Transcript for Survivor of mountain lion attack describes his experience for the first time

A in the dep hearing. Some pine needles Russell acoustic break. And turned around and just who is pretty bummed out to see a Mountain Lion chasing after mean. It’s. I as Stotts and Jermaine my hands up in the air and eyes started shouting and and fortunately the shots didn’t deter it it’s. It just kinda kept running and lunged at mean. Is going toward Miami faced after a mine my hands to kind of watch my face. At which point it grabbed on in my hand and wrists and from there it. Seven to claw at my face and neck and that’s when kind of mind fear response turned into more of a fire response is. I realize how close is getting to my eyes and it got a clawed my lip then. I a try to throw it off me at that point and then me tickle tumble down the south side of the trail. At that point a I was grabbing around for sticks. In my left hand free in my right hand is still locked in its jobs. Tried. To get out its neck says he acted. Status connected through Lee’s. An American mistakes her for breaking. Is able to kind of shift my weight and get a foot on its neck and at that point. A stepped on it on its neck with minor right foot. And and just slowly after a few few minutes. And I thought I’d be getting close and then insert rationing and in. And few more scratches that resulted from those those there ashes of that point. And it’s a and then a couple of minutes later find me finally stopped moving in and jaws opened and I was able to kind of scramble back up the hill and get the heck out of dodge.

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{“id”:61085417,”title”:”Survivor of mountain lion attack describes his experience for the first time”,”duration”:”1:59″,”description”:”Travis Kauffman, 31, was jogging on Horsetooth Mountain in Larimer County, Colorado, on Feb. 4 when he was attacked by a juvenile mountain lion.”,”url”:”/US/video/survivor-mountain-lion-attack-describes-experience-time-61085417″,”section”:”US”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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