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shift gears until the oscars some of the biggest names in Hollywood are protesting, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Kerry Washington and dozens of others signing an open letter bashing the academy’s decision to hand out some awards during commercial breaks. Who is not here during a commercial break, T.J. Holmes breaking it down. This is a mess. Another backlash at the oscars talking about scorsese, right, Tarantino, current nominees like spike Lee, Emma stone all signed on. Why are they upset? Because we have an open revolt if you will because the academy made a decision this week announcing that they would take four categories out of the live broadcast. They wouldn’t present editing, live action short, hair and makeup and cinematography is the one that upset people. These are the ones responsible for filming the doggone thing. We wouldn’t key the movie if not for them. This open letter, listen, they said relegating these essential cinematic crafts to lesser status this ceremony is nothing less than an insult to those of us who have devoted our lives and passions to our chosen profession. So why did the academy do this? They say they’re trying to cut down on time. Speed it up. It’s historically long, George can’t stay up for four hours. We need a three-hour show. That’s part of the reason but the other reason they keep tweaking the show is because ratings. Ratings have been down historically. Last year was the lowest on record so they’re not going to budge.is open letter, they’re asking them, you have time to change it. The academy says no. You will still see the speeches later in the broadcast, they could be edited so they’ll happen during the comme breaks. We’ll edit them take out the walk to and from stage but still have the discretion to edit the speech if they want to. I’ll risk displaying more cluelessness here. I understand the problem with taking the cinematography out but this backlash seems like fierce. Is it out of proportion? I wouldn’t say- it’s an open revolt. This is your craft. This is supposed to be a celebration of the arts, not an entertainment show. For those who work their whole lives to get to this moment and we’re telling you it’s not worth being in the live broadcast. Everybody needs their moment. That’s all. You just had your. Thanku. We’ll go back to ginger with

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