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Good morning I’m Jamie Norman and I cannot move you here in the top five things note this Thursday number one on solemn day be marker across the country. It’s been one year since the school shooting massacre department Florida today thousands of people come together for a moment of silence to remember the seventeen lives lost that day. Florida’s governor is now asking for a grand jury to review school safety statewide saying it’s clear that more needs to be done since the massacre 76 gun control laws have been passed throughout the country some Benny Bob stocks and regulating ammunition signs. In Florida a new law raised the minimum age supplier fire arm to twenty wind. In a waiting period to three days on ten number two a federal judge has ruled that former top campaign chairman Paul man a fort continue to lie to prosecutors even after cutting a deal with them. The judge says Mann a port has breached his plea agreement that means he could. He’s a longer prison term when he’s sentenced next month a judge has made a fort misled special counsel Robert Mueller team about his contacts with the Russian associate. And up payments to a law firm on to number three both houses of congress are expected to pass the border security deal today. Sending it to president trump for signature and that bill provides only a fraction of the money the president demanded for new barriers along the border with Mexico and it makes no mention of a wall. The bill also funds federal agencies for the rest of the year but president trump. Has offered only a lukewarm assessment. They haven’t got it yet. Will be getting it will be looking for our land mines because you could have that you know it’s been known to happen before to people I don’t wanna see shut down. Jet that would be a terrible thing. The bill does not include back pay for covering contractors who went without pay during the recent shut down. We had to Reno Nevada for number forward delta flight had to make an emergency landing after hitting severe turbulence. Jerry stuff videos posted on social media showed the chaos on board that’s a drink cart overturned soda cans rolled down the aisle. And belongings flew everywhere after that plane suddenly took a nosedive. Five. People were injured meanwhile at New York’s LaGuardia Airport it’s scary scene inside another delta jet a battery pack started a fire in this over have been. Before takeoff flight attendant was able to put it out quickly. I finally number five all courtside collision at the New York Knicks game in nearly ended in disaster. For a certain Hollywood actress national treasure yes we give that right there Philadelphia. If this is sarge OMB were running. After a loose ball when he took the leap over the stance slightly rod over and. Oscar nominated actress Regina King alone and only look right beside her own I guess Lacey. War dead star studded events of that McCain will later thanked me for his athletic ability is wow yeah that’s Magellan the rightly. Her serve on the lead writer for U we’ve got so much more to talk about including not leap of faith and that’s that’s our times day. It morning America. Day. So good it’s valid and they ions that. You know what I’m in love where that Regina King was not injured. Absolutely dogs you get the Oscars of the cooking up a lot of things go I don’t want to her since 227 and yeah you know when I was little kid OK you weren’t born again the and they don’t know the route Rick I didn’t miss she’s okay you Wear me. They were all love it Tracy Morgan had to say I know because I bet it was hilarious. And I just want to I want I have like. Dinner or some thing with. Tracy Morgan I just let me so much for handouts and then. Today today out of we’re kind of. Gray area that. So precious and saw some things to get to this morning and certainly the bombshell allegations against a former. US air force intelligence officer she’s charged with spying for Iran. And we’re learning about what secrets she may have sharing BC’s ludicrous RID. Is in Washington with the latest and Monica I’m sorry Lou. Mona we are learning about derby really and he her name is Patrick but I’m nick who wit. Amount of that letter get away with that maybe they brandy. Monica you have a fight with Monica Brady doing his mind and land mine at a it is God’s eyes today. We now know and the rail authorities indicted. I think every marriage inexplicably I mean I know why you mix it up because the lady’s name is a monocle wet. Now Monica wit is a former air force officer and she’s looking at some serious charges. According to this 27 page indictment are saying the FBI is alleging and that she gave it US secrets to being Ron now. She was entrusted with the high is a level. Of security Clarence available and she was sent to Iran to perform some counter intelligence operation work for them. But before she this. Defected to me Ron she when she did she handed over all the information. And that she even helped Iranian hackers target her colleagues. Would spyware now when. Asked why she Erin not asked why she didn’t win by the if that looked at some tax message that she sent it looks like. They believe her motive is ideological they say that she. Even at one point mention that she might do like snow then. And didn’t put her training to good use in set an evil. So on there’s a lot more information that needs to come out but right now she’s still in the Iran and this is fascinating because they save issue really played. As some of her American colleagues and potentially great you’ve. Danger just I mean the crazy allegations and in this case now now according to the FBI and mrs. The information that she let out about the at the Pentagon programs a classified pentagon programs that she disclose information about to you Ron could cause some serious damage. To our national security so again these aren’t light charges. Four other Iranians who were though ones who hacked and her colleagues computers have also been indicted but. It would be using this scene what comes to fruition because again she is still believed to be in Iran and not in the United States or anywhere that she might be extradited back here. Amman before we Levy obviously down there in Washington the big story we’re following is all developments with potential shut down the president is expected to sign that right that it has changed on that front right. At least now looks like he’s still agreeing to. At least consider red and there was on an interview where he said he wants in make sure that there are no land mines. Whenever that may be a guest sun may be fine print that he once or read over but. Everything’s indicating that he will sign and that we won’t be heading into another government shut down cell but again. That story still developing. And the president has a new golf simulator as well so. He’s got that he’s gonna get rude so hopefully he will sign no caught on here as it until that job and cracking tomorrow not not Monica thank you so much knife and ran happy about how. Happy Valentine’s Day in men and my good name is big you Mota. We turn out to our exclusive interview. You with actor Jesse slow that he says he was attacked on our street and Chicago by men shouting racial and homophobic slurs and now he’s revealing new details. But what happened that night while confronting the skeptics who question his story. Here’s ABC’s Alex Perez. And actor Jesse small letters speaking out in an exclusive interview with Robin Roberts for the first time revealing what he saw in that grainy surveillance image of two people police say were spotted nearby around the time of the attack the police have gone through a lot of video. And they were able to capture and image. Two people of interest have you seen that image then. Do you believe that they could possibly be the attackers and do what is that about their decides or what why do you feel that they possibly pay ’cause I. I was there. Mean that. For me when that was released I was like okay we’re getting somewhere. The star of the show empire told Chicago police he was walking back to his downtown apartment when the men assaulted him. Battering him in the face yelling racial and homophobic slurs and putting a noose around his new. Cohen that is all it felt like minutes but it probably was like thirty seconds honestly I can’t tell you honestly. I noticed the rope around my neck and I start screaming. And I say there’s a rope around my. Investigators calling it a possible hate crime the actor and his manager told police they were on the phone during the attack he gave investigators up partial copy of his phone records as for those who doubt he is telling the truth. Pissed off what. Is it that has you so. Angry is that that the attackers using Packers but it’s also. The attacks. It’s like you know at first it was a thing of like listen if I tell the truth. Then. Bassett because it’s true. Kennedy campaign of like oh. How can doubt that I how do you how do you not believe that it’s truth. And investigators say they would like to speak with small lead to again about those phone records in his represented says he’s working with police. To verify them outs for as ABC news Chicago. Our thanks Alex and another story that he will party talking about today musician Ryan Adams. Facing accusations allegations of the psychological abuse in manipulation from his ex wife Mandy Moore as well as several other women. More it has you. I’m sure you know stars and this is us tells the New York Times that Adams a so controlling during their seven year marriage. That he stifled her singing career while woman accuse out of that the engage in sexually inappropriate behavior. With her when she was a teenager others say he tricked them into thinking he would help their careers in the music industry. Some of the women we talked to said that he would start off by flattering their talents. And then offer opportunities like tours or collaboration getting in the studio if the relationships did not go as he wanted. He would jerk those opportunities away and he would threaten professional retribution. Adams responded in a treat apologizing to anyone he’s hurt when he sent some of the details in the story or false or exaggerated. Andy said he would never have interactions with someone he thought was underage monster. A quick check get some of the other headlines out right now New Jersey and Virginia have joined more than two dozen states publicly identifying Catholic priests. Accused of sexually abusing young people. Nearly 250 priests indie kids are on those less a 188. In New Jersey 58 in Virginia. None are currently active church and civic officials in both states it publishing the names as a small step toward healing. And transparency. Federal regulators say they have not to been able to determine the source of an E. Coli outbreak linked to Romaine lettuce. Men Obama let’s show fliers finding the contamination sources almost impossible zoom. A NASA is bidding farewell to its longest running up Mars rover opportunity. That’s its name. Fifteen years after it landed the six wheeled vehicle was bills to operate for just six not just three months yet. Three months they kept going and going and going into last year when a dust storm block the sunlight needed to power the spacecraft. I just then NASA flight controllers made more than a thousand unsuccessful attempts to contact opportunity. And finally declared it dead it’s ice X. Like an ex girlfriend that just wouldn’t let you get on me Colin the game colony value and ARIAD every opportunity that there’s got there I met someone has yet not all scorers like look and federal look that it is hard to say goodbye that new planet who it is. Coming up fifty Jackie she’s expecting that at first I don’t buy things fares C a theory about their feet that you like. I had to have well Friday. The weather is saying that the real leave them behind their slice through it different sides there’s. We’ll see if you believe them. Let’s go across the pond now to ABC news London bureau where Julia McFarlane to the united biggest international headlines Julie good morning. On holiday today eyes yet good morning happy Valentine’s Day that a really really interesting story is lead in Albany is costs here the UK. This isn’t exclusive. In the times today this is a story by — me Lloyd one of really one in world correspondent southern if you recognize us go but she is one of the three. Young teenage as Hugh left London and every 2015 to joy in. Crisis they wooden Aniston to Heidi brides. One of them is believed to have died in an ass right he has got another is still Barron not lost sliver of land that I says is making its lost on them this and Disco. She’s cushioning the bake and she’s now nineteen years old and she is nine months pregnant. And she has appealed a for the British government to let come headed now in this remark boat into the issue makes number of Riddick quite a netting statement she doesn’t regrets. What she ditched doesn’t regret joining ice us she wants to go hand machine Hudson was to say about the journalists who are kidnapped and ignited by a crisis. But a lot of meridia and kissing national security questions the government today responding to this. But this is really significant because there’s three goes when they left that image of the three of them in the London up what heading for a stumble really became emblematic. Of how cults like ice is was and how they were able to draw. Young people a lot of foreign fighters from stable hands in Europe to join them in Syria. Leah. Asked did he really is just give me any anymore insight about what it was like to live under ice is control on a strong hole like that. Yes says she talked about how life in Iraq ’cause she said that life that was found in normal of those a very the stabbing. Part of the into the US she says the last time that she still a severed head. In abandoned raucous she wasn’t fazed by it. She told how when she first joined the cynical look at how to fit she. Applied to marry an English speaking foreign fight between the ages of twenty and 25 and she is pat up with a Dutch fights. The two other goes in a packed up with an American. Another European one was pent up with the Bosnian. So a lot of these goes now that likely to face charges of supporting terrorism they are true to slightly differently from foreign flights as you actually took up arms to commit acts of terror. And other trustees. These women another sort of kind of civilians will likely. Be facing charges of supporting terrorism. I’m sure in 23 plus years that she’s there she has seen an imaginable. Things probably no wonder why she. Will like to come home Juliette Tokyo though Julie you’re also watching mount some Igawa Brecht said. He does so what’s happening in bags that say the couple more developments the house of commons that going to be debasing. The next steps in the breakfast price says it’s going to be. Some votes on amendments. But the vents in the debates failed largely symbolic. This I mean this processes is not really moving on was because the two sides of so intractable treason may is gritty. Having to walk a fine line between there is and how Ponte who. A very program acts of war and won a tough stunts. Other parts of a policy which one will consider tree a starts with European close its highs. And she is not ready able to bring them to dev meanwhile got caught continuing to take on the UK it is. Is getting to leave Europe on the 29 of Mott was still not be any clearer on on how that’s gonna whack. And on not nights a lot of lot of us with looking yesterday because. And the some of these breakfast and of preparation conversations in the cabinet to Heath and may god lot of attention yesterday. When they were discussing how to cut fitted waist she said well you know when Saddam is moldy in my covet I just scrape it off. I’m keep easing yet say gotten got a lot of attention everywhere talking about the PM. Eating more moldy jobs that this was a story that has been talked about a lot. And the Carmen hasn’t been mocked for her comments. By lot of other politicians Scottish. Politicians said that. The comments about scrapping the mold off the fridge rather than throwing a two way say its it was a bit like how she run policy. Our rules a man alone crash a pool. A judge because. Be weeks ago that I. As they haven’t been there with the seized in my fridge right Danny had a little mole who didn’t. Actually cut off the bulls they don’t know do you write some heated meant to be you can mow the all right thanks Bill Clinton. Not sure you know I love a good just scenery. I remember now that word but I know I love idea got it artificial they’re just like Gaza’s grinding end the death paper and I’ll say it moving. Wipe let them or ultimately not a cut and here but we’re prevented united artist let’s check out some of our notification he was trending on social media for the first time. We are getting really good qualities you look at a re air black leopard the only other known picture of the animal was in 1909. A photographer working for the San Diego Zoo took these images in Kenya he’s. Pictures are incredible leopards caller is a result of the gene mutation getting a photo of any Leppert in the wild is quite tough so this absolutely. Comcast really cool I cameras also caught this armed robbery and South Florida but pays close attention to what’s happening to his right. He could see a customer with unfazed about it all he appears to be reading. A newspaper. Or magazine while the Croat wearing all black enters the seven a lot of them ask all the guy and on the employees and demands money. Right next to him one customer actually. Runs for safety but the man in the blue polo there just keep Serena is keeps reading her her fight aids continue to regular robbery thing and I will. My name’s Ben it and I rain minute. President trouble leave the White House to play golf for the Washington Post reports room sized golf simulator game has been installed there the president paid. The 50000. Dollar price sagged himself it replaces a system. That had been installed. For president a while there are so our check to cheese one thought there to check she’s been a while. While tech achievements. If it’s not achieve. I know right out of those already cheated out of trailers tech achieve this it had been initially denied accusations that it re purpose is eaten pizza slices. The Mormon fresh pizza is back claim was made durning YouTube video went viral here is trying to explain why the restaurants Pete says have different sized slice says that pictures question monitoring what workers at the company simply uses large pizza slice there’s which. Are hard. To handle are you buying it. I don’t. Think that I AM. All right drew a murdered were you ever get right bill Valentine’s Day out. Yeah we’ll take a look at them sweet love stories. But they have later on ABC news live empire actor Justin Snow led opens up about the alleged tax he suffered that some are calling a hate crime watch his full interview with him is Robin Roberts did hear from the man who survived an attack by a mountain lion in the Colorado wilderness. I billionaire with his fear. He ends. Definitely people who had a very telling him forget to do but don’t forget to tune in to have been debriefed for an up to date on all our top stories from our correspondent on the ground. And the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines and politics a lot we’re watching. And wants Washington yes definitely and finally the cynics among us may dismiss mound Wednesday as. Those hallmark created holiday is. Yes I may agree but it actually traces its origins back to the third century back in your day. Yes 17100 years ago to allow they still. Go ahead with the strong all of those years later. And our chief finger love analysts will dance look into the best love stories of the year so far. Romance is alive and well all over the world this February 14 from the six Long Island couples renewing their vows we love each other. It’s a commitment. Right. We’re in the same boat together to the lovely ladies and celebs sisters celebrating gallon Tynes day. To be gay penguins and Australia spend and magic who successfully hatched an egg that a female Franklin protective. Their commitment to one another and to their new check. Inspiring so many. And these three sisters who have the world’s tutors Valentine’s date. Thanks to a surprise from dad. But from puppy love please go to one more remarkable love story between a man and his wife. Herb and Mary Lou all line had a longstanding tradition every Valentine’s Day for the forty years they shared their home in Seattle Washington. They decorated this plum tree in the front yard with lights and ornaments Mary Lou died back in 2009 are minster. But herb hasn’t stopped sharing her love of love with his neighbors. Its troops from two groups from. Governor bill it’s. Hauling boxes climbing latter’s spending hours decorating Mary Lou’s favorite tree. All to honor the memory of the woman who was his Valentine for 46 years. I love that start. Yes it really is good way to in our. It’s more in America he you don’t believe in Valentine’s Day I believe in love sure can write that today. Have. Yes they’ve met in a ghost candidates that express how that they found out today for you tomorrow and I left you thinking.

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