A sneak peek at the 2019 Governors Ball flower arrangements Video

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Transcript for A sneak peek at the 2019 Governors Ball flower arrangements

Oblivious anywhere in March starting owner mark Helm and a tiny flowers for the governor’s ball. For an easy thing here is perhaps even in their first. Flower arrangements to bring color here smirking didn’t designing a celebrity lives. Years. Well and we’re going to learn how. From Oscars every year and help get all of these and the location and the Mark Ingram for joining sheer power. Gray and black ice Melanie. It’s. The economy here this morning. Beautiful beautiful. Well there’s flowers and we design from the wall. It used to be as a down here now it is more. Grins. Are there a million different. Small. Long tables and a few large vehicles and exactly the same flowers and every table. It’s a great varieties. Here. Yeah these are just a few of those designs that we’re doing this year everything’s going to be in both the reds its patents. The flowers are inspired by V. The old movie theaters and golden era and so everything’s different shades of red this sport did we hold access these visits for long period. First standout season wonderful really beautiful. Thrilled to have scored just ten for little tiny tables like little six. Some things we’re doing things like this there’s something special mix them together so we have act he. You know what to retrieve pieces together. Just a lot of fire news but this is. Larger table. Deserve all this Thailand. News and renewed. Golden. Home we’ll. Movies. For now. Another. 25 people look around and there are how we actually deliver here. And then go back check. War news. We’re. Let me get my fair. He has four I and even after watching this mechanism is eating his life.

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{“id”:61065889,”title”:”A sneak peek at the 2019 Governors Ball flower arrangements”,”duration”:”3:07″,”description”:”Mark’s Garden is the exclusive florist to the Oscars’ after-party, the Governors Ball.”,”url”:”/Entertainment/video/sneak-peek-2019-governors-ball-flower-arrangements-61065889″,”section”:”Entertainment”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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