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Transcript for Trump ‘not happy’ with potential new border security deal

The first one start in Washington. There is some optimism in Washington that a government shutdown may have been averted. A deal has been worked out by congressional negotiators from both parties but will the president sign off on it. ABC’s Karen Travers is at the White House Mary Alice parks is on Capitol Hill bore all breaking it down this morning for you Karen want to start with Hugh. The president of course insisted on five point seven billion dollars for the border wall didn’t get it what we went into the longest shutdown in US history. But hear it isn’t the deal that’s being proposed right now similar. To what he turned down back in December. Similar and actually a little less than what was on the table back in December Stephanie the president rejected that bipartisan compromise and had been agreed to in the senate. Holding out for more money that of course triggered this shot down and now what the president is looking at in an offer of a one point 375. Billion dollars which would put about 55 miles of new border fencing. Structure along the US Mexico border. And the White House right now is not saying if the president is going to sign this legislation assuming it passes the house and senate against you his gas. The White House says there waiting to see what the final agreement looks like. Last night stepping the president treated late that he was looking over some of the nuts and bolts of the deal but. For now he’s not saying yes but he’s also not saying no and it was notable yesterday the president did not threaten another government shut down didn’t read a Vito. He also said he didn’t expect that there will be shut down at the end of the week so would put all that together lot of tea leaves and it certainly looks like. He would begrudgingly signed on to this the Stephanie I think we can perhaps expect over the next two to three days. A lot of drama in Washington until this August settled. Drama and Washington why now. Has asked that. I’m Karen that you sell much in of course has probably welcome news for federal workers who were out of work for those 35 days we were and that sent down a Mary Alice parks. What are you hearing on the hill about a possible votes on this deal. Well as Karen alluded to we don’t have an actual bill yet no legislated tax but we’re expecting that some point today navy this evening. The house rules committee will meet overnight and the house will vote first probably as early as tomorrow Imus in the house is controlled by Democrats. And it’s expected to pass over there even some more progressive members and the caucus has signaled that they feel good this bill will keep the president. From being able to build his wall. They’re expecting very specific language saying that this can’t be used on an actual. Concrete structure but just. Fan saying. So assuming it passes in the house will move over to the senate. Right currently am and where Mitch McConnell seemed to say yesterday that is far as he’s concerned this isn’t a deal. He was asked if the president should sign next and if they could expect the president would use any extra funding. To supplement construction on the southern border let’s take a listen to what McConnell had to say yesterday. Well. Or draw hope the sons of bill and suck and I think he ought to feel free to use whatever tools he can legally use. To enhance his effort to secure the border so no I would not be but trouble there. So McConnell they are seeming to recognize that the president might still declare a national emergency or use some other kind of executive. Action to build something on the border he seem to punt that idea right back to the White House now. There are some Republicans here in the senate who have really caution the White House against taking that route. But basically acknowledged it might not be up to them at bat point. And Mary Alice you bring up a good point the president declaring that are threatening to declare a national emergency wanna bring Karen back in here. Cary before it good time to time we heard the president talk about possibly declaring a national emergency. I didn’t hear much about during the state of the union have you heard anything else from the president from the and his administration about that’s still being on the table. Well I think the. Insistence from the president yesterday and again today from white house Press Secretary Sarah Sanders that the president in going to build this border Walt no matter how he has to get it done. What they’re looking at now is in some from a national emergency looking at executive action where the president could. Find some pots of money shift things around had been allocated for one thing put it to something else White House officials say that they’ve identified perhaps three billion dollars that they could put toward that. What looking to try and do of course is make up that difference the numbers we’re hearing you know one point four billion in this senate and house agreement. President 185 point seven billion they’d like to see if they can make out that several billion dollar difference anyway they cat. Ari Karen thank you very much for that Karen Travers at the White House Mary Alice parks on Capitol Hill thank you so much Tebow.

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