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Transcript for BBC says Trump supporter attacked their cameraman at campaign rally

BBC is urging the term campaign to review its security for the media after a cameraman with a tack at the president’s rally in El Paso the BBC says. He was finally push since up by a trump supporter the president stopped his speech to see if everything was okay. Earlier the president had targeted the media as the crowd who reporters the president trump says he’s not happy with the border security deal reached on cap. Hill this week it would give him only a fraction of the money he wants to build his border Walt two big questions now. Kenny find other ways to pay fort Italy risk another government shutdown in the process. ABC’s motor costar Abbie has the latest from Washington Laura good morning. And good morning today good morning Kenneth. President tribe is facing pressure from both sides to sign this deal and with limited options have until Friday midnight to make a decision. A — pleased president rob not hiding his frustrations over a new deal on border security I am extremely unhappy with what the Democrats have given us. It’s sad. The bipartisan deal not much different than the one that led the country into it’s a longest government shut down. Back in December but under pressure from his own party and other news got a pretty good deal here. President trump is grudgingly leaning towards accepting the deal. Have to study it I’m not happy about it it’s not doing the trick. But I’m getting things do it. The deal includes nearly one point four billion to build steel border barriers like these on the southern border about 55 miles worth. Not the prototype steel and concrete walls the president won it. We have a bipartisan agreement. As in all bipartisan agreements. Everybody had to give something. We are urging the president to sign Republicans are urging trump to take the deal as a down payment. But the president is adamant with or with out the deal the wall is getting built suggesting he’s considering taking money from other areas of government. We have a lot of things going. We have a lot of money in this country. And we’re using some of them but it’s as he considers his limited options the president has made one thing clear. I don’t think you’re going to see Asia. I would want to. Now we heard from senator Mitch McConnell of their Republicans on Capitol Hill urging the president to take this deal. But some of his strongest supporters are warning against at Fox’s Sean Hannity calling its main Tenet of garbage compromise so be interesting to see what he does. Again that deadline is on Friday at midnight.

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{“id”:61043650,”title”:”BBC says Trump supporter attacked their cameraman at campaign rally”,”duration”:”2:31″,”description”:”The White House condemned violence against the press on Tuesday after the BBC said a Trump supporter attacked a cameraman at a rally in El Paso, Texas, Monday night.”,”url”:”/Politics/video/bbc-trump-supporter-attacked-cameraman-campaign-rally-61043650″,”section”:”Politics”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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