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We begin with Aziz Ansari returning to the stage. He’s opening up about that sexual misconduct allegation last year. How he’s processed it an how he hopes he’s become a better person. ABC’s Eva pilgrim is here with more on that. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. The comedian for the first time publicly talking about that sexual misconduct allegation against him. He says he was surprised and concerned, his date fell uncomfortable. Hey, what’s up, guys? That is like a little dude. Reporter: This morning Aziz Ansari breaking his silence a year after being accused of sexual misconduct. The comedian known for his roles on “Master of none” and “Parks and recreation” opening up at a New York City comedy show telling the audience he hasn’t spoken about that night because he wanted to take time to process it and figure out what he wanted to say. According to a vulture reporter, Ansari who has been keeping a low profile changed to a somber tone telling the audience he feared for his career. I was scared that I’d never be able to do this again and saying, it’s a terrifying thing to talk about. There were times I felt really upset and humiliated and embarrassed and ultimately I just felt terrible this person felt this way. But after a year, how I feel about it is I hope it was a step forward. It made me think a lot and I hope I’ve become a better person. This woman in the audience at the show was encouraged. It was very thoughtful the way that he addressed the allegations that he used it as an opportunity to speak with his other male friends and female friends. Reporter: Ansari reportedly added if has made not just me but other guys think about it and be more thoughtful and aware and make sure someone else is comfortable in that moment that’s a good thing. He really seemed genuinely grateful people were there to see him. So I think, you know, it is good that he addressed the allegation. Reporter: Ansari’s comments coming on the heels oflouis c.k.’s controversial return to the spotlight. C.K. Initially taking heat for not acknowledging what he had done to women and later coming under fire after this audio from his set attacking parkland shooting survivors leaked to the press. How does that make you interesting? You didn’t get shot. You pushed some fat kid in the way and now I got to listen to you talking. What will be encouraging if he finds a way to intergreat this into his material and show that he has grown from this experience. Now, we reached out to the national organization for women for their thoughts on this. They say that while the me too movement has forced many men to think about their behavior we need to focus on survivors and that conversation about consent and boundaries are imperative. We need to start listening in order for this change to truly happen. And that conversation is happening because of the story. Thank you, Eva. Thank you, Eva.

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