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Transcript for Lawmakers reach ‘agreement in principle’ to avert government shutdown

Well here in Washington there’s a cautious sense of optimism that congress may have reached a deal to avoid a government shutdown just three days from now Republican leader. Mitch McConnell just talked to the floor of the senate to say he’s gonna put the deal opt for a vote here is. I know was picked for members on both suddenly doll on us we are grateful. To our colleagues on the appropriations committee for their leadership. We’re eager to receive them complete this work. As we speak our colleagues are working hard to produce a legislative track. A look order in the full production soon as possible. And hopefully senator knock on the sluggish solution in short order. The big question though is does it have the backing of the president of the United States are Karen Travers apple were at the White House she’s been talking to White House officials. This morning carried so tell us what’s in the deal and what are you hearing about whether the president will support. Yet that is euphoria there from the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell debt and talking about this agreement that was reached in principle last night Regina congressional negotiators. There’s optimism on Capitol Hill it may not sound like get there from Mitch McConnell but there is optimism. That a big hurdle has been crossed and making him wait a government shutdown but DeVon. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before right now all eyes are on president trump and a lot of questions about one he will support will he agreed to this deal will he sign it. Or is he going to leave a lot of drama and suspense ahead of the deadline. This deal according to sources would put one point 375 billion dollars. For border fencing and security that’s about 55 miles of new structure DeVon president of course for months has been saying he wants five point seven billion dollars in this is far short of the 200 miles that he would like to see that fencing or structures built along the US Mexico border. So the question is is he gonna go along with this and last night at a rally in El Paso, Texas right there on the border the really didn’t get any hints. As to what he was going to do but DeVon it remember back in December there was an agreement there is bipartisan support that deal actually had a better. Option for the president more money that would have been put toward more fencing. And he rejected it that’s what lead to the shutdown. Yeah a lot to see what they say today the president does seems inclined perhaps to take a pass in the shut down maybe look in an executive action maybe that. A national emergency still on the table care but you talk a little bit about the president’s trip to Texas. Last night he got back just before 3 o’clock this morning from those dueling rallies down their battle work former congressman from El Paso. Holding a rally outside. Our Cecilia Vega was there I think she put it best. It was like looking at two alternate realities when it comes to border security the message from the two. The trap campaign couldn’t tee this up any better for better or she’s the former congressman that’s his hometown of house and Texas. And he is considering running for president running for the democratic nomination so last night we had I think trump on one side of the screen meadow work on the other. Here’s a little bit of what age had to say. Is the birthright of every American. Which is why we must finish of the law. Walter not Tim morrow has it would set. I spoke to people there have been here a long time. They said when that wall let up in a whole different ball game is that a correct statement. Walls do not make us safer. Balls will require us to take someone’s property. There are house there are. There ranch. To build a wall at a time of record low. All northbound apprehensions. At a time that’ll pass was not the Al liar in the cities of the border in fact if you look at met cal. If you look at San Diego if you look at all points in between. The US cities of the US Mexico border are are safer than the US cities deeper in the interior. A and DeVon no surprise federal work has very different views on a border wall then president trump but there’s also comment yesterday from the Republican mayor of El Paso, Texas also pushing back from what the president would like to do. And the president’s notion that a border while there at dropped crying rates you know the president talk about this in his state of the union. When he said that. There were very high rates of violent crime not paso metal wall was built in crime dropped and actually back checks and numbers show that those crime rates were falling before the wall was built. DeVon and your federal work and you cut through with a very large democratic field what a perfect opportunity there to go after the threatening go one on one. Get in the spotlight at the president’s first rally of 2019 and draw a contrast like that. Yet we’ll see what that O Rourke doesn’t terms of the torn torn presidential race at long rumored contender Willie get and more T Karen and you’ll be following it. And thanks for your reporting from the White House today Karen Travers force there are.

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{“id”:61025587,”title”:”Lawmakers reach ‘agreement in principle’ to avert government shutdown “,”duration”:”5:02″,”description”:”Bipartisan border deal calls for $1.375 billion for 55 miles of new border barriers and funding for over 40,000 beds to detain undocumented immigrants entering or in U.S.”,”url”:”/Politics/video/lawmakers-reach-agreement-principle-avert-government-shutdown-61025587″,”section”:”Politics”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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