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at the grammys last night. Did you see it? Okay, 31 female artists took home grammy awards last night. It was very female centered, I thought, and the show kicked off with a surprise cameo from former first lady Michelle Obama. Yeah. I thought — she got a big standing O. People in this country just love Michelle Obama. They really do. I was so surprised to see her, too. I know, I know. I would say that she is probably the most — in my lifetime she’s the most popular first lady we’ve ever had. Yeah. She’s also — if you look at her post presidential or post white house life in a very different way than other first ladies. Other first ladies have been more like Laura bush, in private, more toned down and I actually think it’s very modern for her to be doing it the way she’s doing it and to continue to stay so active. When I watched it, when she was coming out in the beginning I was like, if you are in the trump atmosphere, this is bad for you. I don’t think she’s a secret weapon but she’s obviously someone that is quite useful given her massive popularity. It was a very good show. I actually enjoyed it which I normally don’t even watch most of these awards shows but I liked it. It’s the only one that’s entertaining frankly. It was entertaining. There were controversies. There were a couple of controversies. J.lo, do you want to talk about her? No. I love j.lo. I’m a huge j.lo fan. I want to say that I thought Alicia keys was incredible. I thought she was a wonderful host. She’s a 15-time grammy award winner herself, and when she did the double piano, I just thought what a talent this woman is. She was inspired by hazel Scott who was a jazz performer in the ’40s who originally made the double piano famous and she mentioned that she was inspired by that. You can tell that she didn’t have one nerve in her body. She owned that stage and that crowd and I love her look because she doesn’t really have makeup on and that’s her thing and she’s so beautiful. She’s also jus a genius at what she does. I love people hosting the shows that are genius. 15-time grammy award. I was like, go I was all up in it. She has a comfort level of host thag I maybe have never seen before. She was like, come in, we’re going to have a good time. I’m going to play these pianos. I was like, whatever this is, please host everything. Have her host the oscars. She was incredible. And everyone is so bad at this apparently and I just thought she was such a breath of fresh air. I want to have tea with her, do our nails. I was really into it. There’s a real talent there and I think that that shows. Let’s talk about j.lo for a second only because it was a little bit controversial and that’s what the show likes to talk about. It’s uncomfortable for sunny. She led a to motown records and here’s a little bit of it. Watch it for a minute. ??? Everywhere around the world, they’ll be dancing, dancing in the street ??? I enjoyed that. Did you like it? She’s a great dancer. She’s so good. But I think there are questions abooices and if you could pick anyone to do this, to represent them, like for example, they also did something — what? Why is everyone laughing? They also did a tribute to dolly parton. She’s saying what everyone is thinking. It’s uncomfortable for sunny because sunny is friends with her and her mother. It looked like she was lip syncing. Maybe she was or maybe she wasn’t. She looked really good. She did look beautiful. What’s your problem with j.lo? I thought she looked great. She looked good. She’s a great dancer. Katy Perry got criticized. I think bevy Smith who’s a host and I believe fashion stylist as well, I remember her from her bravo show, she tweeted the irony of the very sexy j.lo motown interview is that Barry Gordy had the women of motown tame their sexy. I would have preferred Jennifer Hudson, fantasia, someone sort of in that vain to give a motown tribute. I love motown music. It’s the only thing my mother ever listened to when I was growing up and I think this maybe wasn’t the right — or they should have added more women on. I don’t get it. Because women weren’t sexualized back in the day. Now they do sex tapes. It’s a whole other world. You can agree or disagree with her. When I think of motown, I think of powerhouse vocals and I think someone with powerhouse vocals — I love Jennifer Lopez and I think she’s incredibly gorgeous and talented. Gladys knight would have been great in that too. You guys are strict. It’s controversial. Can I just say, one of the things that I did like about last night, it was an overt in your face this is the night for women because they didn’t have to. Women were the show, and they did it because they were so talented. As you said, joy, 31 women won awards in 38 categories. Cardi B was the first female black rapper and her speech was — Did you see those feathers? She had some feathers during her performance. It was everything. My favorite thing about women last night that came out inadvertently was from Janelle monae’s performance. She was doing “Make me feel.” In the middle of the song she blurted out, let the vagina have a monologue. I said to Steve, am I hearing things? Did anybody else hear that? Thank you. I was in that play. It’s great. Dolly parton, we know how much I love dolly parton, absolutely iconic. And also, I know it was a night for — Let’s see the picture. We showed her with Miley Cyrus. Post Malone and red hot chili peppers, I know it was a night for women, but red hot chili peppers, iconic rock stars. Anthony keyed disis ageless. I loved the entire thing. And by the way, I’m deeply bored by awards shows and I loved the entire thing. I was — I had mixed feelings about post Malone, especially because we know that 21 savage I think is his name is being deported, I.C.E., that was his song. I thought he should have gotten a shoutout. So I was a little — You notice that these young people, none of them have boobs anymore. No, Miley Cyrus never met a brassiere she liked, and fortunately dolly has enough for the whole show. But Miley and the rest of these girls all have bones over here. What is that about? Miley’s voice was pretty fantastic. Can I give a quick shoutout to Miley Cyrus and SHAWN Mendez. That duet was absolutely beautiful. It was one of my favorites of the night. ??? Sometimes I feel like giving up ??? ??? but I just can’t ??? ??? it isn’t my blood ???

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