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actor loved as John Bennett on “Orange is the new black,” and now he’s on the hit show “How to get away with murder.” Take a look. The FBI agents in charge of D.A. Miller’s case were just seen arriving at the governor’s mansion in Harrisburg. At this time, the nature of the governor’s involvement in this case — All of us for the win because we’re not going to jail tonight or tomorrow either. Hopefully. Let’s break out the booze and have a toast for the old wicked witch governor getting her due. Don’t jinx it. There is no such thing. Is that your text alert? No. It’s my Instagram. You need to change that. Everybody, please welcome Matt Mcgorry. What’s up, man? Good to see you. Great to see you. Hi. How are you? So nice to have you here. Thank you. Hi. Pleasure. Thank you. Have a seat. Have a seat. Have a seat. Thank you. Welcome to the show. Thank you. I’m excited to be here. Well, we’re going to take you back a little bit. Great. I heard you were a kid magician. I was. Yeah. I was a kid magician. What was your — what was your name? I was magic Matt and then sometimes abbreviated, it was matt-gic. I see what you did there. Get it? I can do a trick. Anyone have a coin or — I happen to have this — this coin in my pocket. Is this a half dollar? Wow. Look at that. You are rolling, boo. You know? You only carry half dollars. I’ll do this trick. Here. I’m going to put this here. No, no, no. It’s all good. You keep that. That’s yours now. That’s how I get my tips. That’s a way to get tips out of people. Nobody wants to touch that. We had the cast of “All my children” here. You weren’t just matt-gic Mike. You were on a soap opera? I was. One of my first jobs ever was “One life to live,” which was a couple of blocks from where I went to high school, Laguardia high school, it was one of my first experiences so I was very nervous doing it and there was an interesting moment that ended up making it on the air where — so, like, in soap operas, you have to, like, pause sort of, like, before the commercial. Like this? Exactly. We can all try it together. Nikki, do it. I have always loved you. But I didn’t know how long you were supposed to hold it for so I said my line and then everyone just, like, froze and I thought maybe I messed up my line or something like that and at the end I go, and then it cuts, but you have me on the show and everyone else is still, like –. So. We have a clip that might be one of our favorite where you are actually spiderman? Take a look. Have a seat. People called back about my audition? Fine. The next time I put on tights, it betor “Hamlet.” So much for your spidey sense. Savage. That was pretty epic. Yeah. Pushed in the back and you go out like a light. I got a neck condition. You’re not the only one who has had something with spiderman. Sara has a spiderman — Too soon. She has a spiderman clip as well. Let’s watch it. I cannot the moment I can say I met — Oh. No. Looks like he left his spidey senses there too. Right. Are you okay? My pride is still healing, but I was not hurt in the actual fall. That’s — I can’t wait to roll that back. Over and over again. Nikki, take that clip with you. It will help. Wow. You have a question, don’t you? She’s still laughing at you. Let’s roll it again. Let’s go to the video tape. Let’s go to the video tape. Wow. Okay. So activism is a very important part of your life. How did that come about? Yeah. So a number of years ago, I was dating a woman who, you know, was an entrepreneur and trying to start a business and she was going through a lot of stuff that is I think very typical for what women are going through, and, you know, she would have these meetings. They would be, like, lunch meetings and it would turn into, like, drinks and she had to walk this line between friendly enough that she wasn’t leading people on, but not so reserved so she didn’t seem cold and, you know, like a “B” word. I was, like, I would never have to have this experience as a man and I really started to think about, you know, what are the ways that I perpetuate this or people that I know and what is a way that I can actually be apart of the solution? Good for you. Thanks. And it’s important, you know, to really say, you know, to really take that view and say, if this is not something I experience, how do I be apart of that solution. That’s what we were talking about earlier. That goes back to doing the right thing. Exactly. Good for you. Thank you. Thank you so much for being

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