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Now to the ABC news exclusive. Those never-before-heard audio tapes of admitted Russian agent MARIA butina speaking out from behind bars. Kyra Phillips is in Alexandria. She has the details. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Her arrest made international headlines. MARIA butina, a Russian national. Painted as a femme fatal. I met with her a couple of time. On the record, you’ll hear her in her own words as she says, truth is my best defender. It’s very hard. It’s just so much pain. For the family. Reporter: You’re listening to the voice of MARIA butina. The gun-loving graduate student and Russian national accused of courting conservative elite and power players in the NRA on behalf of the Kremlin. I care about my reputation. Reporter: This morning, we’re hearing the 30-year-old speak for the first time since her July arrest, defendingerself against allegations she was working as a covert foreign agent. That would be a Russian spy, you would never see me in public. I mean, I would be the most unseen person on Earth. Reporter: Recording this duet with an NRA insider after they became romantically spent time with author and journalist Jim Bamford in the last months of their freedom. Bamford recording their conversations. “The spy who wasn’t.” We had a number of long interviews. At one time, she never showed up. The next day, she apologized. She said the FBI had raided her apartment. Pounding on the door? Did they yell FBI? Yeah, yeah. I was completely shocked. So the — they pushed me in. I’m wearing an apron. Reporter: Bamford sharing these never-before-seen photos taken in the aftermath of the raid. That was the picture. She was really — frightened by it all. Reporter: After butina was arrested, her conversations with Bamford continued from behind bars. I eat in my cell. I exercise in my cell. I read. I sleep. I am everything. I get two hours at night to do everything. Reporter: In December, butina cut a deal with federal prosecutor, pleading guilty to conspiracy with a foreign agent. I think she’s hoping this may bring an end to it. And she’ll go back to Russia. And this will be a nightmare that will be over. Reporter: Interesting to note, butina told Bamford she was never interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller’s office as part of the investigation into Russian election meddling. Guys? Thank you so much. It’s interesting. It is, very. Coming up, why did drake get

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