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So Jeff bezos, you know who he is, right? He’s in a fight with somebody named David pecker. That’s funny enough. He claims that the “National enquirer’s” parent call which is called Ami tried to extort him by threatening to release nude selfies of him, right? So there’s an op-ed in “The new York Times” today by somebody I know, Dan savage, who says that bezos can turn things around by voluntarily releasing the photos because it would turn the tables on people who weaponize nude photos. So should bezos expose himself? What do you think? Hasn’t he done enough? We’ve seen enough. We’ve seen the e-mails threats. Haven’t we suffered enough? I think if they were released he would be like, whatever. I think he’s already said, like I’m giving myself up to help other people that can’t fight for themselves, so I don’t really need to see another photo. He would get sort of in front, so to speak, get in front of the story. The jokes write themselves. I’m really controlling myself because you can do a million, packages from Amazon. They’re constant. I know. You can see joy’s mind working and self-editing. I think it’s very smart to get in front of this, no question about it. I remember in the courtroom, you know, you would have a witness that had like a lengthy rap sheet for example and so you ask the witness all the questions and then at the end you say you have been convicted of murder, correct? Yes. You’ve been convicted of theft, robbery, prostitution, okay, thank you very much. Your honor, I’d like to enter into evidence the rap sheet, your witness. And what is the defense attorney going to do, say, you’ve been convicted of murder, correct? You’ve been convicted of this, correct? You’ve already taken the sting out of the investigation. He did nothing illegal. What he did is what many people do, going back to sex and their free time, I don’t judge. Do whatever you want to do. My point is not that he did something illegal. It’s like the “8 mile” with eminem. There’s nothing you can say about me that I haven’t said, releasing all the things about you. Release them. This is a little different than saying up front what’s somebody going to say about you. This is actual pictures of your genitalia going out to the masses. I think you put them out there. Dan savage said by self-blibing your own nudes you can turn the table on sexual hypocrisy that allows people like him to weaponize photos in the first place. I think Jeff bezos is an extremely powerful, wealthy man and I think of Peter teal who ended up having hulk hogan’s sex tape come out and ultimately took Gawker down. Jeff bezos has a lot of resources to come back and have possible repercussions. Isn’t he the richest man in the world? $65 billion he has. Why would you try to blackmail the richest man in the world? It’s stupid, really stupid. Apparently they thought they had enough. No. I think he should release them. I think we’ve seen enough nude photos to last us a lifetime. Personally, I would like to see them. I would. Why not? How many of you would like to

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