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Babybel: Saved it! We’re back now with the new twist in the legal fight between the so-called Fiji water girl and Fiji water themselves. It was such a feel-good story. She got famous by holding a bottle of war. Lawsuits started flying. The Fiji water girl is being sued for, and I quote, biting the hand that feeds her. She’s the model who launched 1,000 memes. Kelly Steinbach, the Fiji water girl. She posed with bottles of water behind every star she could find. Her fame lapded her an appearance in late night. Are you the actual girl from last night? That’s me. Reporter: Now, Fiji says her 15 minutes are up. They field a lawsuit against Steinbach. They accuse her of trying to pitalize on her fleeting 15 minutes of internet fame and extort Fiji because she wanted a better deal than the original $90,000 she had accepted. The company’s lawsuit is a countersuit that Steinbach filed last month. Saying the company were trying to capitalize on her overnight fame. Use her likeness without her permission. All right. Experts tell you the marketing that fij IX got off of that was about $12 million worth of free advertising. Was a deal in place? Was it not? Who agreed to what? Fiji wants money from her. They filed for damages. In whole drama is making me thirsty. Remember “Seinfeld.” I love that. I wondered if you were going with that. Hey, hey, hey. Help you out, T.J. I didn’t need that help, man. Thank you, T.J.

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