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In 2011, the iconic soap opera, “All my children,” said farewell to ABC after 41 years on the air. That’s a long time. That’s a long time. And today we have the honor and the privilege of reuniting some of the most memorable cast members. Please welcome resident hunky bad boy, J.R. Chandler played by Jacob young. So nice to see you. Thank you for coming. So nice to have you guys here. Great to be here. Come on in. Looking good too. Next up, we have the Erica’s best friend, Opal cortlandt herself, Jill Larson. Hello. How are you? Very nice to see you. Very nice to see you. So nice to meet you. Come on in. We’re going to fill this couch with all your friends. Now we have Dixie Cooney, the sweetheart in town and mother to J.R. Please welcome, Cady Mcclain. Hey. How are you? Thank you so much for having us. Of course. Thank you. Thank you. So lovely. And up next, the handsome lawyer in town, Erica Kane’s on again off again flame, Jackson Montgomery himself, Walt willey. What’s up, Walt? Great to see you. Great to see you. Hi. So nice to meet you. Come on in. And finally, the woman you love to hate who evicted herself, Erica Kane in the flesh. Susan Lucci. How are you? So nice to have you guys here. Thank you. No. Thank you. Hi. We’ll make you fit. Yeah. I got wide hips so I wasn’t built — This is so cool seeing you guys all together like this. Thank you. Really cool. It’s cool for us. We can’t stop staring at each other. Great to have this opportunity to be together. We’re happy to have everybody together because I grew up — I’m looking at your faces and I can’t believe this myself, and there are so many people grew up on this. At 1:00 P.M., they would turn on the TV and you were the faces that entertained them every day and now they turn on TV at 1:00 and they get us. So could you tell them that we actually aren’t that bad? We’ll see how this goes, Michael. It could actually validate this whole thing. Please do. Please help us. We’ll wait for the endorsement. We promise it will be coming before we leave. Relationship with the audience, you know, on a daily basis which, you know, continues to do this day which is amazing. So grateful for that. Good neighbors and friends. Now that I’m out in daylight and I go through airports and, you know, sidewalks and people stop as if “All my children” never went off. They still talk about the storyline, the characters. It was great work you guys did. So many people’s lives for so many decades. Grew up. They feel like you’re family. But on a more serious note, Susan, you recently revealed that you suffered from a heart issue. Yeah, I did. It was in October and it was very surprising because I have never had anything. To make a long story short, I wound up going to the emergency room of the heart hospital and I was told after some tests that I had a 90% blockage in my main artery and a 75% blockage in the “V” part, and we were all shocked because I have never had anything, but once it happened, I’m feeling great. I had a wonderful doctor and I’m really fine, and I just wanted to pass my good fortune forward because I was so lucky and I know how lucky I was, and I just wanted to tell women. I ignored my symptoms the first two times. I got lucky the third time. It was much stronger. I had heard a woman say women’s symptoms are different than a man’s and it felt like an elephant pressing on my chest, and it felt like an elephant pressing on my chest. Ldn’t ignore it. Women, we’re not on our own to-do list. We always think, oh, it will go away. Listen to your body and act on it and I want you to be as lucky as I have been in this. Yeah. Better to be safe than sorry. Absolutely. Now you were on the show since the start. Yes. And Erica Kane was notorious for the many men she had along the way. You always have to bring that up. One guy. But can you name all of your husbands? Oh. Here we go. How much time do we have? Oh, let me see. Erica Kane, martin brant, Chandler, Roy. Montgomery, Montgomery. It just gets dicey towards the end. Another Montgomery and there was going to be another Montgomery. Yes. I went into double digits with this guy and we were going for 11, right? When this man had the crosshairs of the rifle out. Yes, I did. Yeah. I mean, speaking of that — I was never so happy to leave a scene. Exactly. Right before the gunfire. But speaking of weddings, weddings are always so beautiful. That’s what I remember most about the shows. I know the fans relate to that too because they were very epic. Guys were always dressing nice, the wedding gowns and it was Vera Wang or yeah. I mean, couture. Beautiful, remote in Florida. We did. Exactly. Yeah. It was the time that you and tad got married the second time and we saw the entire studio floor. The second day it got really rank. There were things living in it. We watered it. And all the dance scenes, we would have parties so we would dance. We would walk out there and we would be dancing on carpet. It’s not the same thing as dancing on a floor and then we could never hear the music and we would say, could you just play a few bars of the music? Just let us know what we’re dancing to? It was, like, dance, fools, dance. The problems. It was not your fault. Somebody’s off beat and it’s not because of you. Good actors because they don’t have rhythm in their body. You guys are just talking about memories from the show behind the scenes. When you see each other, is it like you don’t miss a beat? Yeah. Exactly. Totally, yeah. It’s such a touchstone. Just an anchor energetically. Oh my god. You’re home. Missed you so much. We were on roller skates. There was a lot of beautiful play a day, anwe wanted to rehearse and we would yell at each other across the hair and makeup room. Hi. Want to run lines? Oh, but we can’t. Jill and I would see each other in the hallway running in our robes to get ready and I remember Jill said to me one day, I would love to talk to you, but we can’t make eye contact. Can’t do it now. The eyes start to water and the makeup goes down. What is life like after “All my children”? Great. For all of you? Life has been great. I mean, there’s life after “All my children.” I miss these people terribly. I shot five movies this last year. Whoa. I’m partnering with one of the leading kids academies here in New York. Acting is technique New York, and I’m opening a studio in salt Lake. I did a movie about women directors. It’s a documentary, and it’s playing here in March and then at the artemis film festival in Los Angeles in April. I will look for you. Thank you. I’m really excited about that. I built a children’s theater and wrote and have been touring with a one-man show called “Wild bill.” Since 2012. You have been working. The same thing. Whatever, but hello. I got to do four years with mark cherry and all around the world and that was fantastic, and I have been doing some stuff here in New York and on Broadway, celebrity autobiography, which is hysterical. When it comes back, please. It’s just the funniest night in the theater and I just have a development deal with hallmark and I’m just starting on the first series of movies. Everybody’s so busy.

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