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Spike Lee turning his back on two top clothing designers. The director angry over what he’s calling blackface fashion fails. ABC’s Kenneth Moton joins us with more on this personal boycott and other stars now joining the cause Kenneth, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, guys. For spike Lee, it’s about giving more blackesigners a seat at the table. He’s once again using his microphone to say, if there were more, they would be able to keep fashion companies in check and down on racially insensitive incidents. This morning, famed do the right thing film maker, spike Lee. You’re the man. No, you the man. You the man. Reporter: He’s demanding change in the fashion entry. Some top labels being labeled racially insensitive and tone deaf. He’s furious over what many people would agree is really careless use of design and perpetuating, you know, really painful stereotypical images. Reporter: This comes as Gucci, one of the most recognizable brands in the world is under fire for this nearly $900 black sweater which some say resembles blackface. The luxury designer opting to remove the design from stores and apologized. We consider diversity to be a fundamental value and to be fully upheld, respected and at the forefront of every decision we make. Prada pulled these figurines depicting a monkey with bright, red lips. Many online called it racist. Prada tweeted, it never had the intention of offending anyone. We abhor all forms of racism. And racist imagery. This isn’t the first time they as big brands, have been accused of lacking racial sensitivities. H & M had this faux pas, and there was this all white sneaker meant to commemorate black history month. The sportswear company pulled the shoe saying, they did not reflect the spirit and philosophy of how Adidas believes they should celebrate black history month. Now spike Lee minated for this film, is using his platform during the height of award season boycotting Prada and Gucci until the brands hire more black designers. He says, it’s obvious to the peoples that they don’t have a clue when it comes to racist, blackface hateful imagery. Wake up. Now other celebrities and artists including rapper T.I., are calling on the public to join the protest against the brands. People have no tolerance for a lack of diversity in this day and age. Fashion brands really need to catch up with that. Reporter: Spike Lee who famously did not attend the 2016 academy awards in protest over a lack of diversity in the nominations says people took a stand then and there were more Oscar nods to people of color. Guys, the big question is will there be change? How many Oscar nominated celebrities will join spike Lee in not wearing Prada and Gucci? We’ll fit. That’s a provocative question. Kenneth, thank you so much. Always great to have you on the show. Great to see you.

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