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Nationwide manhunt for ex-attorney on the run Video

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Now to the nationwide manhunt for the ex-attorney on the run from the law. Taking off after pleading guilty for ripping off clie he’s now wanted in the murder of his own mother. ABC’s Kenneth Moton picks up the story. Reporter: Tonight, U.S. Marshals joining the hunt for disbarred lawyer Richard Merritt, releasing this new E. Merritt now on the run after police say he killed his own mother. I would say, “You need to man up and turn yourself in.” Reporter: Merritt’s brother speaking out after police found their 77-year-old mother Shirley Merritt stabbed toeath just outside of Atlanta. Her 2009 Lexus gone. You certainly need to be held accountable for the brutal murder of our more. Reporter: Merritt plead guilty last month to “Elder exploitation” and to ripping off clients. I understand what I’ve done is morally reprehensible and Reporter: The judge granting Merritt’s request to get his affairs in order before reporting to prison on February 1st for a sentence, 15 behind bars. But the disgraced ex-attorney a no-show. Police believe he killed his mother and cut off his ankle bracelet shortly before surveillance cameras captured him at an atlanta-area gas station. His head now apparently shaved. We think he may be anywhere in the country. We don’t know what’s going on with him, but he’s very unpredictable. Reporter: Tom, former clients who testified against Merritt are fearing retaliation. They consider Merritt armed and dangerous. All right, Kenneth, thank you.

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