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Dog saved after home fire in California Video

  • Now Playing: Indianapolis first responders rescue homeowner’s dog, Lady

  • Now Playing: Homeowner finds dog upon return to property after catastrophic wildfire

  • Now Playing: Firemen rescue dog from frozen pond

  • Now Playing: Back-to-back storms blast the Pacific Northwest

  • Now Playing: Nationwide manhunt for ex-attorney on the run

  • Now Playing: Prosecutors review Jeff Bezos’ extortion allegations against the National Enquirer

  • Now Playing: Police use stun gun on man at traffic stop with his two young sons in back seat

  • Now Playing: Driver hit and run in Wilmington

  • Now Playing: Country singer shot dead in Nashville

  • Now Playing: Dog saved after home fire in California

  • Now Playing: Father surprises son at high school ‘senior night’

  • Now Playing: Strengthening storm could bring 40-foot waves, damage to Hawaii

  • Now Playing: Residents in New York City neighborhood fear Amazon will push them out

  • Now Playing: Corgi enjoys Seattle snow

  • Now Playing: Police find secret underground lair, shooting range at gang hideout in California

  • Now Playing: Six-year-old battling cancer made honorary police officer

  • Now Playing: New developments in the case of Colorado missing mom Kelsey Berreth

  • Now Playing: Federal prosecutors are looking into blackmail claims by Jeff Bezos

  • Now Playing: Pacific Northwest slammed by major winter storm

  • Now Playing: Arizona police department faces lawsuit after traffic stop

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