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Pacific Northwest slammed by major winter storm Video

  • Now Playing: New storm system brings snow to Seattle

  • Now Playing: Police find secret underground lair, shooting range at gang hideout in California

  • Now Playing: Six-year-old battling cancer made honorary police officer

  • Now Playing: New developments in the case of Colorado missing mom Kelsey Berreth

  • Now Playing: Federal prosecutors are looking into blackmail claims by Jeff Bezos

  • Now Playing: Pacific Northwest slammed by major winter storm

  • Now Playing: Arizona police department faces lawsuit after traffic stop

  • Now Playing: Nationwide manhunt for disbarred lawyer suspected of murder

  • Now Playing: Convicted fugitive on the run after allegedly killing mother

  • Now Playing: Convicted murderer maintains innocence, denying all accusations against her: Part 11

  • Now Playing: Jury find woman guilty of killing husband, attempting to murder daughter: Part 10

  • Now Playing: Mom denies writing suicide note to frame daughter for murder: Part 9

  • Now Playing: Woman goes on trial for murdering second husband, attempting to kill daughter: Part 8

  • Now Playing: Grandmother said she believes granddaughter might be responsible for murder: Part 7

  • Now Playing: Woman arrested for attempting to kill daughter, murdering second husband: Part 6

  • Now Playing: ‘Suicide note’ makes it appear woman is confessing to killing dad, stepfather: Part 5

  • Now Playing: Woman calls 911 saying daughter ingested pills and was unresponsive: Part 4

  • Now Playing: Body of woman’s first husband exhumed after her second husband dies: Part 3

  • Now Playing: Detectives take closer look at man’s mysterious death by antifreeze: Part 2

  • Now Playing: Woman’s husband at first believed to have committed suicide with antifreeze: Part 1

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