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Baltimore high school staff member shot in school Video

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Transcript for Baltimore high school staff member shot in school

Next to the school shooting at the high school in Baltimore tonight. An armed man shooting a hall monitor. Right here what happened next as that school went lockdown. Stephanie Ramos is on the scene tonight. Reporter: Baltimore police got the call of the shooting just before noon. Medic aid respond, Frederick Douglass high school, for a shooting. Reporter: Police say a 25-year-old man entered the lobby of Frederick Douglass high school and St a hall monitor in the lower torso. The school put on lockdown. Students and teachers hiding in classrooms. It’s crazy man. It’s crazy. Reporter: One teacher tweeting — “Kids are aggravated and seem nervous, but we’re okay.” We believe that this is an outside person that entered the school to confront someone inside the school. School police officers were nearby. They were able to engage the suspect, take him into custody without incident. Worried parents racing to the campus that is now a crime scene. Reporter: School sources confirm the shooter was a relative of a student. The mall hon tore is in serious but stable condition.

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{“id”:60949986,”title”:”Baltimore high school staff member shot in school”,”duration”:”1:06″,”description”:”The victim, a 56-year-old hall monitor at Frederick Douglass High School, was shot in his lower torso and hospitalized in “serious but stable” condition, police officials said.”,”url”:”/WNT/video/baltimore-high-school-staff-member-shot-school-60949986″,”section”:”WNT”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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