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Storm drops month’s worth of rain in hours on parts of Tennessee Video

Transcript for Storm drops month’s worth of rain in hours on parts of Tennessee

Next tonight, the deadly storm on the move at this hour. 50 million Americans under winter weather advisories. Blizzard conditions, snow, ice and at least five reported tornadoes at this hour. Blizzard warnind blinding snow in Minnesota. Lightning, part of an ice storm in Missouri, coating trees, downing branches and power lines there. Cars in this bus under water in Tennessee. And fierce winds derailing train cars in Missouri. 20 states from the dakotas down to Tennessee, all the way up to the northeast. Where it hits tonight. ABC’s Alex Perez ie storm zone. Reporter: Tonight, daring high water rescues across middle Tennessee. That powerful winter storm dumping a month’s worth of rain in just hours. First responders using flashlights to reach this submerged car, picking two people to safety. We’re going to need some hands getting them up the hill. Reporter:least one person swept away and killed elsewhere in the state. All that rain washing away roads. This is what’s left of state route 66. In southeast Missouri, howling wind gusts knocking this train off its tracks. Tornadoes reported in several states. Meanwhile, in the northern plains, blizzard conditions up to a foot of snow closing interstates. Visibility so poor in St. Cloud, Minnesota, this stormchaser nearly slamming into a tractor trailer. Whoa! Reporter: In the midwest, up to half an inch of ice coating roads, trees and power lines, threatening to knock out power to thousands. In Overland Park, Kansas, a high school principal taking a tumble out of his truck. He posted the video with a laugh, but the ice, no joke. In Illinois, a brief THA causing major ice jams along a frozen kankakee river. Homeowners like jojo Broadwell, who live along the river, bracing for the worst. It’s like a bulldozer coming up. There’s nothing stopping this ice. Will destroy anything in its path. And David, I want show you why there is so much concern here. There is a home right here. And if walk with me, 20 fee away, there’s a growing iceberg slowly creeping into the backyard here. Luckily, officials say, the river is now moving and the water is receding. David? Alex, thank you. Let’s get right to rob Marciano, live with us tonight, tracking it all as this moves east. Hi, rob. Reporter: Hi, David. This storm has really stretched out. We had four states reporting tornadoes, not to mention the flooding and the snow. Blizza warnings up for Minnesota and the flash flood watches for nearly all of Ohio. Here comes the heavy rain. Going to be in the northeast for the morning rush, with a little bit of mixing of winter precipitation. And much colder. We snap back to winter. 30 below in Minneapolis tomorrow for a morning wind chill and another winter storm coming for Seattle. Significant snow event beginning there tomorrow afternoon. David? Rob Marciano tracking it for us. Thank you, rob.

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