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We are back now with something that most people cannot stand, those annoying telemarketing and robocalls. Well, they skyrocketed after the government shut down and skyrocketed to 5.42 billion and Paula Faris is here to show us how to stop those. 50% of the calls out there right now are robocalls so there’s a lot of apps out there to try to intercept the calls. We’ll feature one right now called robocall killer, Michael. Not only doesn’t it do that but one step further. This will act as spam. You’ll bg my phone. Walk back to the desk. Put on speaker. Not yet. Michael is calling me right now, it’s not coming up, okay, so it’s intercepting the call and taking it one step further with answer bot so troll the robocall and put I on speaker. Can you give me like a little more, I don’t know, information? Okay, so this is what the robocaller is hearing basically if they’re going to monopolize our time, it will keep the robocaller if it’s automated on this call for 45 minutes, isn’t that incredible so hang up the phone now. Okay. So you heard that trolling, right? Now I’m going to get — see, I just got a notification that said one spam call was blocked. How cool is that? We do want to say there is a monthly fee for this particular feature for this app. You have to decide whether or not your money is worth your time and considering there might be another government shutdown and that’s the reason there is this influx of calls last month because the ftc’s do not call registry was offline is something you might want to consider as well. Robokiller. George is intrigued here. I’m going to be honest with you, it’s great that it blocks it but I don’t think it’s very sporting to keep that person on the line forever. We, a lot of times these are automated. George is being sensitive to telemarketers and robocalls. I’m sorry. Just block it. When you get a telemarketer, do you say I’ll listen to. No, I just hang up. That’s not nice to hang up on somebody, George. The phone calls out there, 50% of the phone calls out there right now are these robocalls. There’s some other things you can do if you don’t want this app. Free app. Yes, well, dial star 77 on your landline. A lot of these come up anonymously you can’t tell so that will block them. Make sure you have checked in unless you because I know you love these people, check in with your carrier, your cell carrier because sometimes they have features and apps that are ee, some cost a little bit of money, make sure you register for the do not call registry. Robokiller for the two of you. How to be treated even in a spam call. For 45 minutes they can’t call someone else. Oh, okay. I’m trying to help other people out. Coming up, rapper cardi B is

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