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You’ll get some “Pop news” now. Yes, indeed. Good morning to you, guys and to you so we begin with a worldwide exclusive right here. You may remember cardi B’s new Pepsi ad which was pretty funny debuting during the super Bo Pepsi knew the only other place with an audience that big is right here, so — Really. Right there. Right there. Super bow “Pop news” obviously. So this is the very first look at yardi’s second Pepsi commercial. Here is your sneak peek. What? I wanted a Pepsi. That’s what I’m talking about. ??? I like it like that ??? Didn’t even have to pay 5 million. We’re slightly cheaper than the super bowl. Proud of it. Looks like Pepsi is — Pepsi is very occur. I can’t do it. Anybody can roll their Rs like that. Ooh. A lot of people. Okay. You sound like a tree frog. Very good. Thank you to our incredible audience. Pepsi, thank you. See the full thing this Sunday during the — another show that gets a decent rating, the grammy awards. Also, a big warning. Breaking news. Just moments ago “Vogue” releasing its first look at their March cover couple. Justin Bieber and his new wife Hailey Baldwin are gracing the couple posing for a fashion spread. They’re also opening up in an in-depth article about their whirlwind romance or is it. They’ve known each other for years and only dated 12 weeks before they got married in September. Baldwin says it’s a great relationship. They continue to work hard to build a healthy relationship. She’s not going to say it’s easy. A mutual friend says about Bieber, in a world full of takers surrounding Justin Hailey is his force of calm. The new issue of “Vogue” comes out nationwide February 19th. Thank you, “Vogue.” I know. So the 2019 oscars we now know officially moving forward without a host but could have been the rock. Dwayne Johnson taking to Twitter to reveal he was their first choice to host this year’s show. He write, quote, my goal was to make it the most fun and entertaining oscars ever. We all tried hard but couldn’t make it work since aisle shooting “Jumanji.” A quick plug there. Academy and I were super bummed but maybe one day down the road. Would have been great. But, you know, sometimes you’re between a rock and a hard place. Oh! Oh! A setup. Was it? Yep. And finally, from the woman who taught us how to size, robin Roberts — She does it so well. What was that? On command. I got to — okay. Thank you, Tyra. Now, Tyra is sashaying her way into a modeling themed amusement park. Model land will open in Santa Monica and feature retail dining and interactive entertainment. Tyra says she’s always loved Disney and wanted to bring that spirit to the world of modeling but not the exclusive part of modeling. Tyra telling women’s wear daily, quote, it’s my calling to bring modeling to the masses. Yeah. Yeah. I got to give her credit. She’s been working on this idea for ten years and now model land will open late they are year. You know what she taught me when I worked with her. She taught me every hallway is a runway so when you walk a hallway you think of it as a runway. I see you do it every morning. You know what happens, I always get texts. Daddy, can we go now to model land. “Pop news” for you. Thanks.

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