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Transcript for Waze app under fire from police departments

In today’s tech bikes and new York city police wanting to part ways with a traffic app. The department is ordering Google’s ways have to stop revealing sobriety checkpoints either police departments have also protests it. The disclosure of speech applications on the act in a statement Google says no one more speed traps are improve safety. But the statement made no mention of sobriety checks the New York Times is becoming a major digital company now has 3.3 million online subscribers. A significant increase from a year earlier shares for the company hit a thirteen year high after the announcement. The paper is out buying back its Manhattan office space for 215 million dollars. And get ready for a new batch of a Rongji is 230 new characters are coming to the iPhone they include a yawning face as Scott. And horse or a juice box and ice cube. And a pinching and those are attacked by.

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{“id”:60908690,”title”:”Waze app under fire from police departments”,”duration”:”0:52″,”description”:”Plus, the New York Times is becoming a major digital company and new emojis are coming to the iPhone.”,”url”:”/Technology/video/waze-app-fire-police-departments-60908690″,”section”:”Technology”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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