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Police follow leads after woman’s body found in suitcase Video

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We move to new developments to the grim mystery in Connecticut. A woman’s body was discovered inside a suitcase and gio Benitez is there with it latest. Good morning. Reporter: Hey there, robin. Good morning, investigators are working to identify that woman right now. They don’t believe she’s from this area. They believe that she was brought here. Take a look at this right now because the woman was found in a wooded area as you said just off the road inside a red suitcase. Her hands and feet bound. They believe she’s between 18 and 30 years old. Now, the local newspaper, “The Hartford courant” says police are trying to determine whether this case is connected to a missing woman just mys away over in New York. Now, citing people familiar with the investigation the paper says authorities are looking into the actions of the town highway worker who discovered tt body. Now, “The courant” reporting the worker took unauthorized photos of the victim. They’re waiting for the autopsy report and should learn a lot more about this and hopefully lead to a killer, Michael. We sure hope so. Thank you.

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