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I have summoned the castle wizard to entertain you. You’re not a king, Michael. Says who? Please welcome one of the world’s top illusionists. Give it up for rob lake. Welcome, rob. Thanks for having me. How do you get into something like this? When I was 10 years old, I saw a magic show and I knew immediately that is what I would do with hole life. Wow. 10. I basically never grew up. Have you ever had an accident happen, like, a mishap? It’s a live show so things can go wrong. I try to play it for every contingency, but one time I got cut by a sword. I had to get stitches. I have a little bit of a scar left, but I still finished the show and went to get stitches afterwards. Wow. The man is committed to his craft. Dedication. What are you going to show us today? Almost 100 years ago, an unknown magician created the famous illusion of all time. He called it sawing a woman in half. Why does it always have to be a woman? It is. I’m good. Even though every magician has copied this, the original version is a mystery. Nobody knows how it could have been done. Today I’m going to recreate this exactly how it would have looked if we were back in 100 years ago, but I need the help from both of you. Please don’t ask me to get in that box. No worries, say are. If you will come to this side, and Michael, this side. Okay. Check out this box, and Michael, check out this box as well. Good. Good. Sara, I have the collar. Why does this always start this way? Check out the buckle. Check out the strap. Make sure nothing comes off or attaches. One of the best leashes I have seen. Secure? Solid? Solid. Just like the one at home? Yeah. I’ll be honest with you, man. You have been peeking through my windows. Magic. You know what they call it? 50 shades of stray. That’s for another show, rob. Continue. Take the end of this leash and put it through the hole of the table right here. This table is a surgical operation table from the civil war era. Back then, they did not have anaesthesia, so they would hold victims in place with straps like just like these straps here. Yeah. I would like you to please lock my assistant’s ankles in place, and if you would walk to the back here. Okay. Pick up this collar and I want you to put it on her neck very tight, but try not to choke her. What kind of trick is this? Try not to choke her. I need to keep her alive for my other shows. Sorry. Back in the civil war era, they had no anaesthesia, so these straps were required to a victim would remain in place and not move during surgery. Sara, if you will hold this leash right here. Hold tight with two hands, and Michael, you hold as well. Do not let go. Don’t pull on her. Cut her apart. Not rip her apart. Even though she’s momentarily covered. You will be able to see her body through these windows here in the front. A you okay? Every time I open these windows — keep her leash tight and make surshe’s still there and locked in place. Let everyone at home know with a thumbs up. Excellent. Great enthusiasm. Both check it. Make sure it is solid. Perfect. Excellent. Now I want you both to watch carefully as I place this blade inside of the box. You can see the blade completely fills the box all the way front to back and all the way across, yes? Right now, this blade is resting on her body. Are you okay? There is nowhere else she can go and where the blade can go. Keep it tight. Keep it tight. Give us a sign if it’s not working out. Hold tight with both hands. Don’t let go. Do not let go, Sara. They pay me enough to do this. Now Michael, look down below. Make sure you can see the blade pass through the entire box. I’m looking to see blood. All the way to the bottom. Oh, wow. Check out your window. Make sure S still there. Oh my gosh. It’s okay, sweetie. Do not let go. We’re going to take things one step further. Hold tight. Don’t make me pull this apart. Two hands. Ew. Sara, it seems like your side must have shifted. I think we had too much slack there. Give your leash a little pull. One, two, three — I’m sorry. Give it a tug. Do you know what you just did? Oh, man. Oh, no. Is she — she’s not. Do not let go. I’m not letting go. We now have a womided. Let’s put her back. That is resilient. Hold tight, two hands. One final time. Check out your window and make sure she’s still there. Locked in place. Give it a thumbs up. Do not let go of your leash just yet, and please come to the table. Release her. Let her out of the straps. Oh my gosh. Oh, you poor thing. She looks really good. Thank you. Come back in here. Come back over here. Come back. We put you back together. Get in here. Thank you so much. What’s your name? Tara. Tara, thank you. You really made a sacrifice for us today. I have to say, rob, the king

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