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Thanks so much. To that murder mystery in one of America’s safest town, greenwich, Connecticut. Police are making a very disturbing discovery searching for answers. Gio Benitez on the scene with more of the story. Good morning. Reporter: Hey there, Amy. Good morning to you. Yeah, police are calling this an isolated incident but it is a gruesome one. A woman’s body was found inside a suitcase just off this road here and now investigators have launched an all out effort to figure out who is behind it. This morning, a mysterious and disturbing death in one of Connecticut’s most esteemed areas, glenville is picturesque and affluent but now at the center of a murder mystery. A young woman’s body found inside a suitcase. Her hands and feet bound. We have no doubt there was a homicide involved. Reporter: She’s believed to be between 18 and 30 years old and highway workers found it Tuesday morning 10 to 15 feet off this quiet rural road. It wasn’t too busy. All of a sudden everything broke out. Cop cars going both ways. Reporter: Police believe the woman was killed somewhere else and brought here. A murder especially this gruesome is unusual in this Connecticut town? We do not know the manner or cause of death at this time but this is an active homicide investigation. Reporter: And police say the medical examiner is trying to identify the woman. They say they have some leads but it may take a while because police say this will be long and methodical. As they all should be. Thank you, gio.

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