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Transcript for New emojis include wheelchairs, sloths

Or making that turn here that knew a Moody’s were to the other nineteen have been announced than they are. There are a lot of them including onions ice cubes and. Carter’s all our whole blood found there are 230. To be exact a later fame among them is accessibility to their new wheelchair load these guide dogs in hearing aids. There are also many more options of couples including inter racial and gender inclusive couples some of our favorites I yawning face food group we insomniacs and all about that. A sloth. How and then martyr but also a ringed planet we’re really plan there was wind so until it’s quiet it’s going to be wanted to be in hacks from.

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{“id”:60888058,”title”:”New emojis include wheelchairs, sloths”,”duration”:”0:39″,”description”:”The emojis, 230 in all, were announced Tuesday by the Unicode Consortium, which handles the standards of emoji.”,”url”:”/GMA/Living/video/emojis-include-wheelchairs-sloths-60888058″,”section”:”GMA”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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