These products make it easy to travel safer, lighter and smarter

Travelers are always looking for ways to travel safer, lighter, easier and better. Here are 10 new products that will help you do just that.


This scientifically-proven band deters sharks while you surf or swimThis scientifically-proven band deters sharks while you surf or swim — Photo courtesy of Sharkbanz

Using patented magnetic technology developed by marine biologists, these easy-to-wear bands are actually shark deterrents. 

There are no batteries or anything to charge; you just adjust the band around your wrist or ankle and it keeps sharks away by emitting a sensation that’s unpleasant to them. Of course, there are no guarantees, but you can check out the videos on their website to watch their impressive test results. Cue the Jaws music. 

SnapBasket Cooler from CleverMade

This collapsible cooler holds 30 cans of your beverage of choiceThis collapsible cooler holds 30 cans of your beverage of choice — Photo courtesy of CleverMade

Perfect for road trips, this versatile cooler features an insulated leakproof interior and keeps 30 cans of your favorite beverage cold for 24 hours. 

Once you’ve polished them all off, you can wipe the bag clean, collapse it and store it flat until your next trip. 


Corkcicle vessels keep drinks icy cold even in the sunCorkcicle vessels keep drinks icy cold even in the sun — Photo courtesy of Corkcicle

You probably already own half a dozen water bottles, but you may want to trade them for Corkcicle’s award-winners, which come in all sizes and shapes, from classic canteens to tumblers and flutes. 

These great-looking vessels are triple-insulated to keep drinks icy cold for an entire day or piping hot for 12 hours. The 25-ounce version holds an entire bottle of wine, while the 60-ounce ensures you’re always ready for a party.  


Stay connected with your kids through the screen-free RelayStay connected with your kids through the screen-free Relay — Photo courtesy of Relay

Let’s face it. It can be challenging to keep tabs on kids during vacation when they see something new and run off to explore. 

Stick a Relay in their pocket, on their bike or in their backpack and this screen-free smartphone alternative will let you know where they are at all times through GPS tracking. Using a secure, nationwide 4G LTE network and Wi-Fi, Relay works like a walkie-talkie – only better.

Children can simply push a button and speak into the device, and you can reach them quickly via the free app on your own smartphone. Relay offers all the conveniences of a phone without the worries about inappropriate content, privacy and screen addiction. It’s a high-tech way to let kids enjoy an old-fashioned childhood.

Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Auto FM Shower Radio and Speaker from Vista Shops

Sing along in any shower with this waterproof Bluetooth speakerSing along in any shower with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker — Photo courtesy of Vista Shops

Music makes any hotel room or Airbnb feel more like home, and this little waterproof speaker can be tucked into your carry-on, then hung on a showerhead or rod.  

Compatible with all Bluetooth media players, it connects wirelessly up to 33 feet and features a built-in high sensitivity microphone, allowing you to talk on the phone even when it’s not within reach. And, if you want to hear the local news or weather, it’s also an FM radio. 

Heated Travel Pillow from Volt

This heated travel pillow is a dream come trueThis heated travel pillow is a dream come true — Photo courtesy of Volt

This travel pillow would be a great find even without its most unique feature. It’s got memory foam that contours to your head and neck and a silky, soft case that’s removable and machine-washable. 

But, best of all, it’s got heat. The Zero Layer Heat System warms the back of your neck (you can choose from three different temperature settings) so your muscles relax and you can actually fall asleep. The pillow comes with a 5 volt rechargeable battery and a USB charging cord which can also be used as a back-up charger for your cell phone. Talk about resting easy.

Sawyer Micro Squeeze Water Filtration System

Take this water filtration system anywhereTake this water filtration system anywhere — Photo courtesy of Sawyer Products

You’re going to want to keep this lightweight personal water filtration system in your glove compartment and take it with you when you go hiking and camping. 

Featuring Sawyer’s hollow fiber membrane technology, which is 75% stronger than other fibers on the market, it removes 99.999 percent of bacteria and protozoa found in fresh water, guaranteeing superior filtration. It comes with a 1-liter squeeze pouch but works with standard 22mm bottles so it can be used almost anywhere.


Shhhowercaps are so much better than shower capsShhhowercaps are so much better than shower caps — Photo courtesy of Shhhowercap

A large percentage of women don’t wash their hair every day, so shower caps become a necessity – especially when traveling. These, by Shhhowercap, are game-changers.

Unlike cheap, plastic ones – the ones you find in your hotel bathroom if you’re lucky to find any at all – these beautiful, turban-inspired Shhhowercaps are made of premium, waterproof fabric that actually covers your hair without crushing it or leaving a mark on your forehead. In fact, they look so stylish, you may be tempted to wear them outside.

Aqua Pouch from Vista Shops

Keep your smartphone safe in the waterKeep your smartphone safe in the water — Photo courtesy of Vista Shops

This waterproof pouch holds your smartphone and other essentials, so you don’t have to try to hide them in the sand or under a blanket at the beach when you go into the water. 

IPX 8 standard waterproof tested up to 30 feet deep for 30 minutes, the pouch is designed to float and keep your valuables safe and dry. You can still answer the phone, use the touch screen and even take pictures underwater. (Suggestion: test the pouch yourself before immersing it into the ocean with your phone in it.)


Pack your own portable clothes washerPack your own portable clothes washer — Photo courtesy of Laundreez

This innovative portable clothes washer is perfect for travel. Just fill the bag with your dirty clothes, detergent and water, shake it and leave it to soak, then pour out the water through the patented screw cap and refill to rinse. 

The bag itself is small and compact, and it can hold toiletries and valuables when not being used. Being able to do laundry along the way means you can travel lighter. Now, if only they’d invent a portable clothes dryer.

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