Northern lights, dancers, Pope Francis : World in Photos, Feb.5 Video

  • Now Playing: Flickr is now limited to 1,000 photos

  • Now Playing: Michael and Sara’s favorite #Dare2Chair challenge photos

  • Now Playing: Northern lights, dancers, Pope Francis : World in Photos

  • Now Playing: China welcomes Year of the Pig with stunning Spring Festival Gala

  • Now Playing: Paris apartment fire kills 8, injures dozens

  • Now Playing: Paris apartment fire kills 8, injures more than 30

  • Now Playing: Top US general: Political talks with Taliban are ‘positive’

  • Now Playing: Egypt unearths more than 40 mummies in ‘maze of tombs’

  • Now Playing: Super Bowl kiss, red lanterns, dancing starlings: World in Photos, Feb. 4

  • Now Playing: Venezuelans hopeful Nicolas Maduro will not hold on to power

  • Now Playing: Australia flooding prompts rescue operation by air, water

  • Now Playing: Police seize 10 tons of cocaine from ship

  • Now Playing: Vladimir Putin promised that Russia is developing new intermediate range weapons

  • Now Playing: Video shows deadly Brazil mud slide surging toward city, farms

  • Now Playing: Experts probing reports of meteor seen across Florida Keys

  • Now Playing: Worldview: Unrest in Venezuela

  • Now Playing: Chinese New Year sparks largest human migration on planet

  • Now Playing: New video shows moment of Brazil dam collapse

  • Now Playing: Crisis in Venezuela

  • Now Playing: US rejects efforts to mediate dialogue between Guaido and Maduro

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