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blistering report citing information reportedly from inside the white house. Schedules raising questions about president trump’s work schedule. Axios obtaining the president’s private schedule for the past three months, showing about 60% of the time is made up of so-called executive time. So, what does that mean? And tonight, the white house now blasting the leak as a, quote, disgraceful breach of trust. Here’s ABC’s senior national correspondent Terry Moran tonight. Reporter: President trump returning to Washington late last night and hunkering down today prepping for the state of the union. But his white house tonight is grappling with that unprecedented leak of nearly every day of the president’s private schedules for the past three months. Trump’s private schedules leaked to axios, the Washington D.C. News organization, reveal nearly 60% of trump’s scheduled time has been spent in unstructured “Executive time.” Only 15% in formal meetings, less than 8% attending events. Aides say the president often scheduled spur of the moment meetings and sometimes keeps them off his official schedule. Press secretary Sarah Sanders telling axios, “President trump has a different leadership style than his predecessors and the results speak for themselveses.” But the real shock is the level of disloyalty the leak represents. Madeleine westerhout, trump’s executive assistant, tweeted “What a disgraceful breach of trust.” Let’s get to Terry Moran at the white house tonight. And president trump making international headlines for come meants he made about America troops in Iraq. The president said he wants to keep a military presence in Iraq to, quote, watch Iran? Reporter: That’s right, David. The president has long said he wants to keep Americans home from Iraq, as he does in after began Stan, and now he says, however, that a small contingent could remain inside Iraq to watch Iran and the rest of the region. The state department says the mission hasn’t changed, it’s to go after ISIS, and the government of Iraq said he hadn’t asked permission. The prime minister saying, do not pursue your own priorities. We live here. David? Terry Moran tonight. Terry, thank you. And of course, ABC news will have live coverage of the president’s state of the union address and, of course, the democratic response, that’s tomorrow night, 9:00 P.M. Eastern, right here.

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