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temperatures plunged to single digits overnight. Such cold weather could lead to serious, serious health problems. Sam champion is at Lenox hill hospital with more on how these frigid temperatures we’re seeing all across the country could affect our bodies. Good morning, Sam. Hey, good morning, robin. Here’s the deal. We’re at 17 below and the windchill and our temperature is 2 degrees but regardless of that we know that millions will go outside today. You’ve got to go outside for work. Even if you’ve got delayed school you’ll be out. Are you actually really safe? Bill and Victoria has me in monitors and been outside for about 30 minutes now, first of all, am I doing okay? Right now you are well within Normal ranges and limits of your heart rate and your oxygen saturation is — within Normal limits, as well. Robin, if you’re outside and you feel any of these symptom, we’re going to put them on the screen, these are the five warning signs of hypothermia, if you feel confused, dizzy, you’re short on breath, these are the things you have got to get immediate attention for. You are out here all day, all night in situations like this. Give me one or two tips for this. The main thing you want to do is minimize you want to be outside as little as possible and layer up. Cover everything you can, robin. Then just be aware of your own body. If something doesn’t feel right get inside and warm up. All great advice, okay, Sam, thank you.

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