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We move to the super bowl ad making a big bang because it was basically a whisper. The technique is called asmr. It’s supposed to make you feel the commercial in a deep way and, Amy, you have the story. It’s been around for years. I’m just hearing about it today but many of you may know about it, or heard about it for the first time on super bowl Sunday. Asmr stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It’s a tingling sensation you may feel in the back of your scalp when you hear soothing sounds which in this case meant Zoe Kravitz speaking in a whisper while drumming her fingers on a bottle of beer. It’s one of the most whispered about ads of the super bowl. Let’s all experience — Reporter: Actor Zoe Kravitz, behind her a waterfall. Together. Reporter: A bottle of michelob ultra in her hand, her soothing voice whispering into microphones and nails tapping on the glass. The ad called the pure experience showcasing something called autonomous sensory meridian response, or asmr. When certain audiovisuals are combined to produce a physical response that some describe as a tingling static-like sensation. Asmr is supposed to create a feeling within you and then that’s paired or associated with the product. Reporter: Once only a phenomenon of the internet. Unique soft voices. Reporter: Where MARIA known as the gentle whisperer are watched by millions. In the middle. Reporter: MARIA says for people who are asmr sensitive like her certain sounds and images trigger a relaxing sensation and that asmr videos helped her detress and overcome depression. Asmr doesn’t work for everybody. The same stimulus doesn’t work for everybody and I think probably a lot of the people that watch that ad were just confused. Reporter: But michelob ultra isn’t the only major brand trying to tap in. IKEA also using it to try to sell you on sheets. And listen to how nice it sounds as it’s smoothed out. We were getting chills because we were creeped out from all that. From YouTube to TV looks like this technique is now going mainstream and may be the beginning of a much bigger trend. You said your daughters listen to this. They love those YouTube video. It puts them to sleep. And they keep saying the soups are so satisfying. I think they could give me nightmares. After watching “Get out,” no thank you. The teacup. The teacup.

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