‘The Fonz,’ aka Henry Winkler, talks 45 years of ‘Happy Days’ Video

Transcript for ‘The Fonz,’ aka Henry Winkler, talks 45 years of ‘Happy Days’

Henry Winkler, he’s here live. . I just got a selfie with the fonz, this man who makes want to say hey. Now, an Emmy award winning actor. I got to witnessed that early this year, or last year. This is his latest book, “Here’s hank, everybody is somebody.” And you’re somebody we love. That’s the reason that we wrote it. Because I’d lie in bed not far from here and I would be a failure in anything other than lunch. 45 years almost to the day that “Happy days” began to make us happy. Did you have any idea of how iconic the character of the fonz would be — No I had six lines in first show. What was the deal when they cast you and they said this is your character? How did they describe this guy? They put me in a MC golf jacket. I finally got into leather and gave the leather to the smithsonian. You don’t have one of the original jackets. I do. The first one was stolen from the department of costumes. They made five. They put them under lock and key. They took the lining out of one of them. And one of them I have. And the late great Garry Marshall had another. An incredible experience. Thank you for that. On to Barry, such a great show on HBO. So, you win the Emmy. I had the pleasure of sitting with you right after you won it, you said you weren’t going to lose that Emmy for the life of you — I’m making a chain right now so I can wear it. Lot of people say they use it as a door stop or it’s in the bathroom. Mine is on the dining room table. Season 2 coming up. You wanted to read your favorite passage here. You know, I’m going to read the very end of the book. When you get this, this is the last hank ever. This is the 29th novel. Here we go. Henry Winkler. He wanted his picture on the bulletin board of ps 87 the school I went to. You have 20 seconds. She pushed the door open. My did. She came in and sat down on the edge of the bed. I’m not little anymore. She said, you should feel really great. I do, I do, mom, I feel great. I got my picture on the bulletin board. You see, honey, everything you do you do your way. It’s a gift. I know, but that gift gets me in a lot of trouble. She left the room, kissed me on the forehead. My eyes felt heavy. The rest of me felt great. The last thought I had before I drifted off to sleep was hank zipper, some day you’re going to be somebody.

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