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Transcript for New technology allows ski resorts to keep slopes open in higher temperatures

I am breaking a sweat here relates Al while the rest of the country this week is in the deep freeze some areas having wind chills minus sixty. Here the wind chill. In sorrow. Is in the mid forties nets at relatively the same latitudes and 88000 seat so with that response is that digging trough at Arctic blast we have this building ridge. And we have we are enjoying some more from the DC. Beautiful Lake Tahoe behind that water is actually by the way but you know with these varying weather patterns in with. The stalled over the Google often down snow making has become crucial. Especially the newer technologies that we’ve implemented here really and across the world but with the right now is Bryan Pittman he’s the director snow surface isn’t snow grooming here. And heavenly your jobs and make this know awesome and I gotta tell yet. You guys have really has no. For overall weak and you’ve had some warm temperatures but the snow skiing surface is really phenomenal. How far have we come in the last ten or twenty years as far as technology goes. But in both grooming and snow making we’ve really come along way note technology changes every year. We’re really exciting here Evelyn we have the latest and greatest technology both in snowmaking and grooming we get new snow cats every year. And snow guns in the last ten to Tony years of really come along way and allow us to make snow. That is really good skiing surface pressure is always on mean that you you your you there’s going to be open vice Thanksgiving and that means you’ve got to meet. Manmade snow. Are we able now to make mammy snort at slightly higher temperatures that we were in the past. We are you know the push lately has really been to go to a lower energy gun that is it. Usable and more wide range temperatures cannot you get is there an effort out of me how to control these guys do you get on your phone and adjust things as the day goes long but we do have a pretty modernized system here heavenly a lot of our guns are actually automatic so once you turn a Monday you’ll just themselves every couple minutes they take a temperature readings. Still just some cells for the maximum production. Based on what type the snow you wanna make we can make real wet heavy snow for trying to build a base. We can make snow that’s better than the best Saturday and generally speaking we were just taking water we’re shooting it through nozzle were trying to make those low water park particles as small as possible. And then they fall as. As snow and I got a pretty simple on paper but it is a difficult to do this we we have a very dedicated agreed on a typical day at heavenly will do three sets the snow makers. Bill of about thirty guys out on the hill over the course of the day and their second. The product or make it may consumer making the best stuff out there and now idea at least release this week for now temperatures on the mild side and your well this season so you’re trying to make and how much snore or — to that much but you are needing to groom. What what are we doing it too could make these conditions so good considering how warm it is during the day. You know we wait until the evening hours once it starts going down and yes you prefer this notice start to freeze again unit right now it’s a little bit on the slushy side because it is warmer during the day. Once it’s freezes are we caught snaps it’s a little harder we can actually go out there and so caps what she process that Snowe both of the tracks. And the tiller on the back of machine and it leaves after for a quarter behind this. Perfect stuffy guys do a great job they — thank you so much Bryant had been here from heavenly remain on a slap on another layer Russ on sausage that my nose is starting to get birds here but tie in all seriousness there is some serious storms coming important breakdown and it’s wetter pattern and it’s going to be a lot snowy here in solid much of the series a much of the west really as we go towards. A next week I’m also here for very important conference the operations here are storm this morning we had an important talk on climate change. And our fire weather all import information that’ll be bringing back to our ABC weather team.

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{“id”:60766351,”title”:”New technology allows ski resorts to keep slopes open in higher temperatures”,”duration”:”3:23″,”description”:”A ski resort in Lake Tahoe, California, gives an inside look at their snowmaking machines that helps them stay open for longer, even into the summer months.”,”url”:”/US/video/technology-ski-resorts-slopes-open-higher-temperatures-60766351″,”section”:”US”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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