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keeps all your bills in one place. Hollywood migrated down south. A-listers flocking to Atlanta for the super bowl and of course, all the epic parties. Of course. Top talent taking the stage at exclusive events and we are giving you a front row seat to all of it. Let’s go back to T.J. Holmes in the mix. T.J., good morning. Reporter: Good morning to you all. Look. Hey. It’s not just the players who needed a good night’s rest. It was kind of a quiet night in Atlanta, and everybody was in bed by 8:30. If you believe that. People come to town, and they don’t come for the game. They come to party, and we had some super bowl bashes you would not believe last night. Cardi B. And patriots owner Robert Kraft dancing the afternoon away. Something you don’t see every day, but it’s super bowl week for the celebrities and celebrations are endless. Parties thrown by DirecTV, and bud light, brought out some of the biggest stars to celebrate the upcoming game. This weekend performers including cardi B., Bruno Mars and the foo fighters. They were all on stage as part of this super bowl tradition. Paul rudd was on the DirecTV red carpet in a custom-made suit. It’s just classier than a Jersey, right? I was lucky enough to present the MVP award tonight, and I got to present it to Patrick Mahomes. Might have been the greatest moment of my life, you know? Besides, you know, the birth of my children. Reporter: I was told what he won’t be watching on super bowl Sunday. Are you looking forward to the halftime show as much as the game? We don’t know what will happen. Here’s what I do on the halftime show usually. Go to the bathroom. Reporter: While I was here at the DirecTV red carpet, our kid correspondent was on another. The NFL honors to interview some of the biggest names in the league. You got your best touchdown dance? I can do it. Okay. That’s good. I see you’re wearing two super bowl rings. Can I try one of the bad boys on? Yeah. Try the eagles one on. What do you think? Awesome. How do you feel being a man of the year finalist? Oh, I’m blessed. I’m just excited to be a nominee. Win or lose, it’s an honor. I’m having so much fun. Deon. This is a pet peeve of mine. Come on. Reporter: Okay. He had a great time. A better time than anybody. Our kid correspondent there, and you know what? I wish — he had a bedtime. I wish he could have had my gig. He had me out later than I needed to be, but for you, Dan in years past, right? I show up on Sunday morning to do this live shot. This year, I only have one wristband on from a party last night, man. I’m slowing down in my old age. Oh my goodness. Is that true or did you find a pair of scissors? Exactly. Or did one of them break off? Reporter: And Dan — no. No. I have to be straight with you. You told folks, T.J., you asked for this assignment and I said, no, I didn’t. That wasn’t exactly true. I begged for this assignment. Get that right. As we said, you always do a great job, T.J. Thank you very much. We appreciate it. Enjoy the game. It is impressive that he’s able to wake up this early. I don’t think he went to bed. That’s my theory.

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