Heavily-armed police in Cape Verde say they seized 10 tons of cocaine from a ship Video

Transcript for Heavily-armed police in Cape Verde say they seized 10 tons of cocaine from a ship

Time now for our “Index.” And we start overseas off the west coast of Africa. Heavily-armed police in cape Verde say they seized ten tons of cocaine from a ship bound for Panama, setting those drugs on fire. Now, 11 Russian sailors in custody, suspected of drug smuggling. Back here at home, a charter bus carrying a girls’ basketball team rolling over in West Virginia. At least 14 injured. One student airlifted to the hospital. This happened on their way home after losing a high school championship game. No word on what caused that crash. We’re told the girls are going to be okay. Also tonight, a disturbing scene. Security guards in Philadelphia tasing a man outside of Jim’s, the popular cheesesteak restaurant. Oh, my god! That man’s pants catching fire. Unclear what exactly ignited. No word on his condition or what led up to the encounter. Detectives are looking into the incident tonight. And New York’s governor tonight calling for a justice department investigation into a growing crisis at a Brooklyn jail. Protesters swarming correction officers. Some demonstrators getting pepper sprayed. As hundreds of inmates go without heat and electricity for a second week. Officials at the federal bureau of prisons say a fire at that facility caused the problem. And they expect to restore power soon.

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